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This is such a ridiculous thing I am almost embarrassed to write about it. My daughter's are 21 and 20 and live with me and my husband while they are in college. We have a ranch style home and our bedroom is right off the living room. My husband is a little hard of hearing.
The girls constantly complain that the TV in the living room is up to loud if they are in their bedrooms or that the TV in our bedroom is to loud if they are in the living room. If we walk out of or into our the bedroom and forget to close the door the hop up and close it. Last night my husband was sitting in the kitchen having some dessert and watching the TV in the living room (it's an open floor plan) and my the 20 year old walked in and turned the television down. Obviously my husband was furious. If we are watching TV in bed the 20 year old (whose bedroom is right beneath ours)is constantly at our door telling us to turn it down. It is not like we have it turned up incredibly high. But she wants it turned down to the point that even I can't hear it. My DH is a really easy going man and has been very tolerant of a lot since I and my daughters moved in but he is really getting upset about this and I can't say I blame him. He feels like the girls have taken over the house. Any suggestions on how to handle this short of kicking the girls out and making them live with their father? Funny thing is...I can be in the kitchen and their in their bedrooms and yell at them and they never hear that but they always hear the TV!

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You have to get them under control. They should realize that they are adults and that your husband is doing them a favor by letting them stay there. Maybe next time she bangs on the door, tell her that if she starts paying rent, she can complain then.

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Agreed. They do not control your house.. they are grown. if they dont like it, then they can find someplace else to live.

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What? Are you kidding me? No way they would do that. Don't YOU guys foot the bills?!

Wow! What nerve!

Good Luck!

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Your Princesses are not actually royalty so they don't make the rules and they cannot be in charge of your house. You and your husband get to watch tv in your own house when and where you want to. Period. If they don't like it they can do any number of things from noise cancelling headphones to finding another place to live.

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I am with the others. Tell them you love them and enjoy having them, but it is still your home and dh's home and they cannot expect you or he to change to accommodate them. You've made enough sacrifices in raising them. It is your turn now. They have options. Tell them to figure out a way to cope.

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Your girls have two choices:

Rent free w/ a set of earplugs

Or quietness w/rental expenses elsewhere