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Looking for advice dreaded holidays

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With Christmas approaching step brat will be spending extra time with us. His excitement level will be over the top which means extra screaming,running, shrieking, weird LOUD animal noises and the most annoying laugh(think peewee Herman NO JOKE) As much as I would LOVE to lock myself in my bedroom with Jack Daniels the whole time I can't. I don't have "family" or "friends" to go spend Christmas with so going away is out. I'm looking for suggestions on what I can go do to get out of the house.

Now since I need to come home sometime I have another question. I have a smart TV in the bedroom which I watch and hangout with all the animals when step monster is over. Now even with the bedroom door shut and tv on I can hear Step Goober screaming,running, shrieking, weird LOUD animal noises and best of all(NOT)  peewee Herman laugh till the little shit goes to bed a midnight. Now I have ear buds if I want to listen to music on my phone BUT I was wondering do they make headphones for smart TVs??? Headphones for my tv is just what I need to drown out the little bastard and his constant noise. Please Don't lecture me on DH is to blame for allowing his brat to act this way. NO SHIT. DH is FULLY to blame and we have had MANY full blown fights over it and DH won't change so I've disengaged the best I can.

So to get me through this holiday and going forward weekends any  advice would be welcome!

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Find some place to volunteer. This is the time of year that lots of non-profits need extra help. What are you interested in? Find a charity that can use your skills.

Google "headphones smart tv" or "wireless headphones" and you will find many that should fix that problem.


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I suggest you give yourself a memorable Christmas if you can afford it. How about a nice trip somewhere? Prague? Paris? Vienna? 

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I agree with volunteering. Surely volunteering at your local pet shelter or vet is more rewarding than spending a whole weekend of demon skid shreaking the whole house like he’s one of the characters in vampirina cartoons??

pet cats and dogs love to show affection for someone showing it to them... skids rarely reciprocate

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Besides the CONSTANT noise SS needs to be up DH butt 24/7. SS completely refuses to entertain himself. It DADDY,DADDY,DADDY! do this for me, play with me, watch tv with me. The only time I get to talk to DH is when DH comes to bed or early in the morning before the brat gets up. Volunteering is a great idea. I love animals!


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Quick Amazon search shows YES, they do make wireless headphones for Smart TVs. 

How long do you plan to stay in this awful situation? 

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the down side of that is hes up at 6 am screaming running around. Unfortunately Step brat is only good for about 8 or 9 hours of sleep so i can either drug him in the evening and have him fall asleep early and up early or have him up late and sleep in late. Since I'm NOT a morning person I won't rather have him sleeping in the am