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Light at the end of the turd

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Three more days and summer vacation with the demon spawn will be over! Summer is always Pure hell because DH gets SS for three long weeks Not including normal parenting time. 

So today when reading I could not help but look over at SS playing the PS4. SS spends 24/7 playing the SAME video game for the last six months "fortnight" I finally got to see him in action. I Realized SS13 is a little dick to people in the game also. You suppose to work as a team with other players but SS spends most of his time trying to shoot his teammates rather than the Enemy. If he's not doing that he's running away and hiding from the enemy team. He always finishes last on him team. Honestly I can't see how this does not get boring for SS. The kid will do this for HOURS. One would think he would want to figure out how to better himself on the game rather than piss off his teammates and just goof off. 

Well anyway three more days! 

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Congrats I am happy that you have only a few more days to deal with the demon spawn. Today is the last day I have to deal with the two demon spawn especially the 15 year old.

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Please my SD16 does nothing but play stupid video games on her phone. I don't now what annoyes me more - Her doing that or watching DH ignore it and never ever telling her to try and enjoy watching tv, a movie, listen to music, SOMETHING!!!!!

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If there are no video games in your home, this problem goes away.

We eliminated them in our home when SS was 11-13ish and never allowed them back in in any form. He would game out with the SpermIdiot when he was on SpermLand visitation and they would buy him the latest games and portable gaming systems (GameBoy, etc...) and we would confiscate it all when he got home and lock it up.  We would give it to him just before he boarded his flight to SpermLand for his next visitation.

The number of parents and adults who cater to toxic children is nauseating. Don't be one of those.

Try it.  It works.  Crying, tantrums, etc... make no difference. If they and any way of playing them never enter your home... the problem ends.  He can get his game on at BM's.  She can deal with his behavioral crap when he is with her.  

He gets no games at  your home and he gets escalating misery if he pulls any behavioral crap.  He will learn.  

My Skid did.  And... he turned out to be a man of standing and character.