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Lies are flying again!

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BM has denied she's flying here on Friday. She has said she's coming on Sunday with the skids for DH's spring break visitation. Even had her "lawyer" write that up in a letter.

Today she refused to give him the confirmed travel info for Sunday (required in the CO to provide ALL travel plans 1 week prior to travel). She said she is currently flying standby on Southwest to try and get on a flight Friday morning instead. She made it clear DH still won't be allowed to have the skids before Sunday night.

Southwest's policy for standby is that you have to physically be in the airport. And there's no benefit between flying standby and changing your ticket, except by changing your ticket, you'd have confirmed fares. You have to pay the same fare difference no matter what.

Just tired of the BS!

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If she is refusing to do as the CO states then she is in violation. DOCUMENT!

Contact her lawyer and tell them to READ the CO, she is required to give that information to DH.

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We know she's in violation. She does it all in email, so we don't need to document much else. We just forward it all along to DH's attorney.

BM doesn't have an attorney on retainer. She just has a JAG lawyer right up a letter every so often (usually in response to a letter from DH's attorney).

This will be added to the list of violations we're filing with the custody modification.

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At least she's doing everything by letter and email! Makes it so much easier for you to prove the BS lies!

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That's very true .. she does make it easy }:)

DH gets all frustrated all over again every time she starts up (I do too sometimes) .. I just have to remind him that nothing has really changed in this situation .. he's not getting the skids any earlier no matter what happens so he just needs to sit back and let her dig herself into a hole!

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BM has now confirmed her travel arrangements for Friday morning. She claimed she was able to get off work last minute and it was cheaper to fly standby. Southwest requires you to pay the fare difference whether you're on standby or not, and considering the cheapest ticket right now is over $500, I am 100% certain she's had tickets booked for Friday all along.

Anyway .. she's still refusing to let DH see the kids before Sunday night .. despite the fact she had a lawyer send a letter saying the only reason she was doing that was because she couldn't get off of work on Saturday and that military personnel in training cannot get leave absent an emergency.

So I wonder what her new reason is? Oh I know .. time with BM's boyfriend is more important than time with Daddy .. even though SD5 has been in tears crying that she misses DH every time he's talked to her in the past week ..