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Liars Liars Liars and manipulators - BM ans SKIDS......

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Its been a minute since I've been on here, but the shit just doesnt get any better, you know shit rolls down a hill not up it! A few days ago my 16yr SD, sais she was going to star staying at her BMs on Mon & Tues now. BD asked her why sheis telling him instead of asking? So she repeated it but in more of a question form. He responded by saying I dont know. He told me this Fri morning and I told him that in my opinion it would not be a good idea to do so as she would only be here 2.5 days and you would only see her MAYBE 30min-1hr each of those days. Now pls note BD is the custodial parent and BM was only awarded Sat. am thru Sunday pm, and split the summers/holidays, and he never asked for child support, just that her name be removed from all properties and that she leave with just her personal belongings. (BM lives with her 80+yr mother and a new baby, a cousin and her p/t BF in a 2 bdrm condo, also note she is an alcoholic/pill popper, etc...) Any who, he thought over my opinion and agreed and messaged the ex that Mon & Tues is out the question and to let their daughter know, since she gets picked up immediately after she gets home from school on Fridays. Well low and behold, she replies with some bullshit and lies, that either she or 19yr SS created, with all she wants is for her daughter (my SD) to be happy and that she doesnt like hearing that SD doesnt leave her room. And that now, she needs her mom the most and the she will not ask for one cent. And that the other day (my SS), all he wanted to was bring over his GF to meet you, and all SM (me) did was give her horrible looks, and why is it that they bring their friends over here and they say that cant do that there, why is that? And she never is in here room here!

Well all I have to say is that for the past 5 yrs I have never known a more manipulative, lying, cheating, sel-righteous individual as her. Her son follows suit, right behind her. 1st of all mommy put it into her daughters head to stay there on the mon and tues's as well, when in fact she tries to say she needs her mom the most now. No dumbass she has always needed you, especially when you really fucked up the most when she was 11. How do you think it must have felt when both you kids watched you OD while sitting on the toilet? And watching their dad resusitating back to life? Being a mom is being a parent, and quite honestly she has never been a parent. She has never discplined them, nor has she taught them much about life and the value of things or the people in your life! Her idea of being good to her kids is allowing them to do anything they want and never saying no, and giving them $. Sorry darling thats just buying love! Ex.: Who lets their 14yr old daughter get on a public bus with a cpl of her friends at 10 at night to go to a rave in downtown Las Vegas? You know what happened that night, she got high smoking pot, which turned out to be an ordeal and took ectasy, because you know thats what 14yr old girls do at an underground rave and being a 'roller'. In addition to that text msg, SD choses to stay her room we always ask her and we always have to call her down for dinner. Also 19yr SS GF never even left the sidewalk, in which we were sitting in the garage, me, my DH and his friend saw a glimpse of her behind the our trucks. So who is lying, mom, SS, GF ??? They just dont like me, which is okay, Im not trying to replace their mom, never have, I only ask for the respect. The respect for all I do as a human being, for providing a fresh cooked meal everyday, a clean home, a warm shower, etc.... since I do put into this home as well.

I want them to have enough respect for both BD and me, for providing the necessities and then some. Respect us and yourself enough to not tell continual lies about everything and anything. As far their mother she needs to stop with all her lying as well. It is a constant thing, as thought "they" ALL are plotting to ruin our relationship, to get me out of the pic. With that being said mommy has now resorted in telling her son to ask their dad if he remembers this date or that date, etc... The dates when they first met, crap like that. WTF! Stop the insanity already and stop getting your kids involved in anything beyond being their parent. I am literally so exasperated with it anymore. I want to call her myself or wait till she is here dropping off SD to speak with her but in a way I think I should leave alone. But it is really eating me up. I want to bring to her attention of certain things. To let her know that her poor attempts of trying to get back with him is the furthest thing from happening. I want to get it off my chest and back into her obscurred playground mindset, but in a tactful and tasteful adult way. HELP!!!