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Kid Swapping

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Hi sorry if this is a reapeated question, i looked and didnt see one. 

Has anyone started the swapping back and forth during this Covid 19 thing ? we have not had them this whole time. ( other then meeting near there house and walking in the park ) Our weekends start tonight . Should i be worried ? We live in a farily small place , one bathrom ect .

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It's never been stopped officially, at least not in the US, so it's really up to you.  To me it would depend a lot on personal risk level, and the amount of COVID in the area.

If we still had skid coming over, I'd be okay with it - thought DH is high risk and he might not be.

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Visitation has never stopped here.  Has been as regular as normal.  (talking about the grand kids)

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Your correct. I live in Vancouver BC area Smile cases are quite low... also worried that once we are opening things up,, there will be a spike and we have the kids on our weekends again.. i did really enjoy the silance the last few months to be honest,, 

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We've had my D15 and my YSD13 for the entire COVID ride.  I was grateful for this and happy to have them both.  Things are getting better here and myself and my ex have decided to start allowing D15 to go back and forth she misses her Dad and I trust him to keep her safe. 

Toxic BM doesn't currently want to take her custody of SD13 back (I suspected this would happen).  She has plans Memorial Day weekend with friends and kids aren't invited (I'm really hoping this is not how she explained it to SD13).  Even though DH and I could use a break I'm fine with keeping SD13 she's much safer here.  If she went to BM's house I would feel the need to disinfect constantly until she was with us for awhile.  It's going to be hard when SD does go to BM's (if that ever happens) and comes back.  I'll need to curb my urge to follow her around with lysol for a few days, lol Smile

This COVID thing may be a blessing in disguise and we may get to keep SD13 all of the time.

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I have lysol sray and wipes in the bathroom and more in the living room, we will be walking after them all weekend Smile lol

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We are taking skids this weekend for the first time since February.

I'm ok with it. Still getting that pre-skid weekend anxiety, but that will probably never go away. Skids and Maggot make sure of that with ever unpredictable behavior.

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I would make the CP who received CS responsible for the care and feeding of Skids while they socially distance at the CP's home.

The NCP pays the CP to care for the kids.  The NCP should get service for the money they pay.

IMHO of course.