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Just for fun!

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I sometimes fantasize about Bm getting into a freak accident, I would never lower myself to kill her myself, yet in the event of a freak accident, I can't say I would be upset, just for Sd really, here's my question, how do you fantasize about Bm leaving this mortal coil? I must defend my thoughts, Bm is a selfish, slutty, unreliable bitch.

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What goes around comes around, she's out of the picture now the kids are grown. I'll own to sometimes wishing her plastic surgery would all come undone!!

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I saw my husband's ex for the first time in years last month. She gets her plastic surgery done in Mexico and her face was ALARMING. Wow. She looked like a skeleton with skin wrapped around her face as tight as it could possibly be. It was bizarre.

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No, I don't. I pray for her continued good health. Anything else, and the SDs would have to come and live with us.

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LMAO - that was my first thought too - OH please god keep her healthy and alive because no way do I want the skids full time!!

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That's what I feel too! My BM had cancer before and had a scare of it coming back. Talk about wishing a person health for the wrong reasons!

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There was probably a time I would have been willing to do that too , but I'm past that point now. I'm back at the point where I'm just trying to accept that SD will be a part of my life forever. Having my own child really put that all in perspective for me. Trying to heal, forgive and forget, and move forward.

Also , I'm dying to try that gummy bear thing. Someone did that when I was pregnant and I completely forgot about it!

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No. I don't need to wish anything bad on her because she does a pretty good job of making sure her life sucks on her own.

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When something to the bm or her husband, I know that second skid will hit (stb EX) dh up for airfare to Arizona for him and the PIG he is married to and their 3 defective spawn. Probably funeral expenses too. SO HAPPY I am OUT of that family!!

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I actually don't wish this. Then SD would have to come live with us and all would feel even more pity for her because she lost her mom. I'd rather BM stay alive and keep her.

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Nope, I don't want anything to happen to BM. I have no desire to replace her as mom. She had those kids. She has made poor parenting choices that will impact the teen years. She needs to be here to deal with the problems that are sure to come.

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Easy, she'll eat herself into a heart attack at the age of 40 on her McDonalds and Chic-fil-a only diet.

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haha, I definitely don't want her to die, but I'm sometimes curious about how she intends to support herself after SS turns 18, since CS is the only income in that household...

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i would never want my SD to live with me full time she is there enough as it is. the only good thing i would see coming out of that is if she was with us full time cause something happened to BM then maybe her father would finally see she is not so perfect. i think that is a major problem with skids they are not there full time so when they do come over they can never do wrong and its just pisses me off. they can waste electricity, eat like a pig, make messes, or whatever and daddyyy never says anything but when my kids do same thing he has no problem saying don't be a pig eatting all the ice cream or whatever and if his precious princness is making pig of herself he will say watch out you will get a belly ache wtf talk about a double standard pisses me off big time....