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Just found out narcissists cousin passed away at 37!

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We just found out my narcissist exes cousin passed away unexpectedly at 37! She was a doctor (psychiatrist) and it was unexpected. She was found at home by her partner. His family is being very hush hush and private about the whole thing. Her mother recently got into some legal trouble and was ordered to pay back nearly a quarter of a million dollars to the state for false medicare claims to her businesses. I wonder what happened? Btw his cousin was just as narcissistic as he was if not more so. She cheated on both husbands multiple times and was very arrogant so I don't think it was suicide. She was one of those people who thought she was smarter than everyone else. We did not know her well and she had put on some weight since we had seen her last which was over a decade ago. 

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Narcisits actually do tend to commit suicide just to "prove people wrong" or because they know (or at lest think they know) how much it will effect people arouind them. ESP if things are spiriling out of control (like with her having to pay nearly a quarter mill bac to the state), and they don't know how to handle it, they might just kill themselves to make someone feel guilty for not helping out in "time of need"

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She didn't have to pay the money back. Her mother did. It seemed to have little effect on her mother however. Life seems to go on as usual on facebook, at least that is how it appears, even though she screwed the state out of that money on fraudulent claims and her golden child daughter passed away. Very odd family. What is odd about it is this cousin (who passed) is she was a huge narcissist. She flaunted being a doctor constantly even though she barely passed med school. She wanted ot be a surgeon but settled on being a psychiatrist because she couldn't pass those classes. She also went to one of the easier schools. She had numerous negative reviews on her site. She definitely lacked the compassion component that doctors should have and mocked those who were nurses for not being smart enough to be doctors.

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A narcissist will kill themselves if they are in trouble. They will always take the chicken way out. Once the mask has slipped they don't know what to do. Sounds like a family full of narcs.

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Medicaid fraud is a huge industry.  $Billions each year.  My DW was secunded to the State office of the Inspector General with another CPA from Medicaid audit to help with an investigation. She found the thread that unravelled a major Medicaid fraud ring and that put several people in prison as well as recouped $Millions in Medicaid funds.

The head of that fraudulent pediatric clinical group did the same thing  your X's cousin did when his sentence was passed

Too bad these types don't end it all before they hurt so many people.

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I could not find any information about his cousin who passed being involved in medicaid fraud, just her arrogant screwball mother being involved in it. However the obit read that his cousin was "previously" employed at such and such hospital, as if she was no longer employed as a doctor. She still held her license however. Odd fact, her facebook page is under an alias name and she had an apartment seperate from her partner when she passed even though her partner insisted they were together. I couldn't find any more info and the family is hush hush. This cousin who passed was extremely narcissistic from what I remember, very arrogant and a habitual cheater. Suicide seems unlikely but who knows.

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The are circling the wagons.  Also not unusual for families cursed with a member who pulls this kind of crap.

Though not Medicaid related... .my XMIL was arrested and convicted of embezzlement.  She was the book keeper for a small business and over the years they made her the office manager... and book keeper.  Chich is a huge risk regarding segregation of duties.  Ove the course of 30+ years she embezzled many $millions.  Long story short, when the owner attempted to sell the business the valuation analysis found the embezzlement.  The owner family sued my XIL clan as they were all in on it.  The settlement hearing in front of the judge with everyone one of my XIL clan, including my XW, being on the hook for more than $1Mil each with a few of them on the hook for more than 2Mil each.  

As they walked out of the court room after agreeing to the settlement, my XMIL was arrested by Federal Marshals.  She accepted a plea agreement and went to Fed prison at 69yo.  This was in 2009. 9 Yeaers after I escaped.  My XW was on the hook for ~$2Mil of the settlement payback to the business owner.


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Damn. That is crazy. Yeah I am not sure if the person who passed was held legally or financially responsible as well or not. I could not find anything online via a court records search but that doesn't mean it wasn't coming down the pipe so to speak. I also would not put anything past this person. When I found out she passed away unexpectedly at such a young age I was like wow. It is just shocking. I remember her from way back being a total narcissist. She cheated on every single one of her husbands/boyfriends and always though she was so much smarter than everyone else. It was uncomfortable to be watch her interactions with people knowing how manipulative she was and how she took advantage of others. I remember feeling relieved when she got married for the second time and moved away.  For someone like that to have such a young unexpected death is very interesting to say the least also a bit shocking. Usually jerks live forever.