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Jabba The Hutt asked if I was Pregnant!!!!

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SO, picking up the little darlings for our weekend visit AND....Jabba has gained like 50lbs, no exaggeration, she is DAYUM HUGE, I on the other hand have had some health issues that have caused me to drop 20 or so pounds.(Endoscope schedualed)
And Jabba actually asks me "are you pregnant or somethin" :jawdrop:
Like I've gained the weight NOT her!! Has her vision gotten so warped looking into TWO mirrors to see her whole ass, that she can no longer see straight???
I'm in no way self conscious but, that remark just pissed me off!

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I understand if you're having problems with your SD and she has no right to talk to you like that. However isn't it just as mean to call your SD "Jabba the Hut" and belittle her because of her weight. Aren't you being immature. The way you talk about her just seems so mean.

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Well thats a bit rich considering you only been here 2 days Tom. Some of these BM's are vile ignorant moronic creatures who think nothing of making someone's life a misery every chance they get.

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Well, if she'd noticed your weight loss, it could be a comment about that - some of the women in my family actually lose 10 - 30 pounds in the first trimester for whatever reason (cause apparently it's not just morning sickness) so maybe she knows people like that? Either way it's rude.

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I think, Person66 you assume I'm speaking about my sd. And you know they say when you assume you make an ass of you and me!
I would never call my sd Jabba The Hutt, I was referring to her FAT ASS MOTHER!

Thank you, Morgan-Minx! At least someone understood why I was pissed off!

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I think she succeeded in getting to you. BM probably noticed that you lost weight and is jealous because she hasn't. So she popped the question to make you feel bad and piss you off, just another tactic from those petty BM's Wink

My response would have been...Your the first person to ask that, everyone else has noticed I've lost 20lbs. }:)

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Have you thought of reversing the proceedure to have a child? My BM had a baby at age 43, I envied her for a little while. But I am older than her and I know I could not raise a child with DH and all the skid issues.

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I did respond with "really? All my clothes are falling off I've lost so much weight"
I'm sure it went right over her stupid head. She's a bit slow this one. She makes these snide comments to "get" to me, and some do, I'll be honest, However, I would never let HER know that!
I guess what really got me is I WANT to be pregnant! Because my ex was such an abusive ass, I had my tubes tied to keep from getting "knocked up" by him again. So now dh and I may never have a child together. And its been weighing heavy on my heart lately. So, the whole "pregnant" comment stung a little bit more than a weight issue. Its like every where I look there is a pregnant belly in my face.

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IDE respond with ....yep maybe I am....

Then laugh as the twit runs back to mommy and spreads the rumor....

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I'm sorry I had no idea you were talking about the bio mom!
Sometimes these abbreviations confuse me.
Jabba is just jealous that you lost weight.
Don't let a stupid asinine bitch like that get you down.
Again I apologize.

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Not a problem Tom. The abbreviations confused me in the beginning too. Hang in there. You'll get'um straight.

No hard feelings. Honest.

In the near future I'd love to have the procedure reversed. Money is tight now so, not sure how far in the future. Guess my biological clock is getting loud, lol. I just want to be able to share that bond with my dh.

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I hope your procedure goes well!

That was an obvious dig, ignore it - although I'd personally be inclined to say to anyone who asked me about my weight gain/loss "Really? I hadn't noticed. Anytime I get the urge to snack, I ravage my husband." Watch her face :jawdrop:

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Allchokedup, THAT'S brilliant! Yup, imma use that one for sure!! Hahahahaha......