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It scares me how right I am

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Maybe I have a gift of intuition, or maybe just knew SD would be a pain in the arse...I don't know...but I have envisioned problems with SD and they are continuously coming true.

I was worried SD would eventually be a bad influence on my kids and I would have to kick her out. I thought that was extreme and would likely never happen, but I envisioned it and it happened.

I envisioned SD doing drugs and went so far as to tell SD and DH if she ever did drugs or brought them into my home, I would call the police and she would be in juvenile hall immediately. She just started smoking weed while living with her grandparents (of course they didn't call the police...dumbarses).

I also envision her asking for money and new cars when she is older and I envision her getting a gun and trying to kill me in my sleep...I will not allow any of that to happen! I even bought a gun safe with a coded entry for when she comes over on holidays.

It is likely just that I realized SD was a broken soul and these are the things broken souls do...but I have been telling DH these problems I foresaw if her path wasn't changed...and those problems certainly are the path she has chosen. On one hand I feel like "told ya so" and on the other...I am just so sad for her (and me) Sad

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Been there too and it almost seems cruel envisioning such but sounds to me that you are good with reading others. Do understand that this is gift you have and one day it can save your life. My SD did try to kill me once already and my eyes never close to her when she is around and it has truly saved my life. IMHO

I'm envisioning an island that exists just for these types of people and forget sending them to prison wasting good tax dollars.. }:)

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Screw That! I want the the Island with the palm trees and coconuts and pina coladas. They can be locked in my house with skids and bms with no escape Biggrin

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"I even bought a gun safe with a coded entry for when she comes over on holidays."

Seriously? If you are having such significant concerns about your safety, then you and DH better have a sit-down and come to an agreement on limiting SD's time in your home and under what circumstances, to include no more overnights and never leaving her in the house with you alone.

But ... you better be prepared to back up those concerns with more than your "gut instinct." Once you start intimating, no matter how lightly, that someone may resort to murderous violence, you better be prepared to justify it.

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Oh yeah, we have had multiple sit-downs lol. DH understands my fears and knows that I will divorce him before I ever let SD back in my home for more than a family gathering with ABSOLUTELY no overnights!! I will also not be alone with her and after our last encounter with her, refuse to let my children be around her as much as possible (she called them buttholes and talked about rape and butt rape and made perverted comments about her father in front of them...disturbing!!). When I discussed this with DH, he said he also has no desire to be around her anymore. Sad but that is the truth.

I am fortunate that DH "gets it", at least to a point. He doesn't parent her in the way that I think she should be, but I am not her parent and all the parenting types we have tried did not I understand his frustration and lack of motivation to try new methods.

In most circumstances, I think a DH would freak if someone said they were worried his child would kill situation is just extreme enough to warrant those fears...lucky me!

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I envision my SD13 being a juvenille delinquent by the time she's 15. I envision my SD16 to be pregnant before she's 19. I'm sure both will happen. I also think that SD13 will eventually figure life out and SD16 will be barefoot and pregnant until she's 40, at which point she will be divorced and broke like her mom.