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Instead of holding your feeling in.....just tell him or her how you REALLY feel!!

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My story is different because i'm not married to him. But there were some serious SKID and BM issues that made my stomach turn. I would tiptoe around these issues hoping that things will change, etc. Well tonight I had enough. He has been ignoring me for a few days and I left him a calm VM outlining how pathetic his life, the BM and skids are and how I predicts their future. I was just brutally honest, not vindictive. I felt a huge relief afterwards!!!!

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Don't wait around for this to change. It never changes for the better trust me, because these fathers can never see past their offspring. These spoilt brats could spit in your face and daddy would find someway of excusing them and blaming you. Unless you and your partner are on the same page it will never work out. Once the step kids have divided they then conquer.

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Mistake number 1 is to tip toe around issues. Part of a healthy relationship is communication, not holding it in until you can't take anymore and it all comes out dramatically in a voice mail. It almost never works out the way you intended to, and YOU will end up being the one apologizing (even if you're right.. unless your relationship is now over). Now you left a recording of what you "think" his life is going to be. A message he can keep listening to, a message he can let others hear. I do hope he sees his faults with your message, and that he will change. But if you really have had enough, it would have been more adult to just leave him than to judge his life.

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On my behalf, I tried talking to him sooo many times and he always reverted it back to me and I was always to blame. I won't apologize to him for the VM because I have nooo intentions of getting back with him and I really don't feel bad. I realize I was immature to do that to him, but I just had enough!!!! He was always sooo good at pointing out everyones flaws and making fun of people that this was my way of letting him know...he is far from perfect.

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I spent a few years tip toeing around isssue and being TOTALLY unhappy. 8 yrs later, I voice my opinion openly. This is the only way to make sure that you don't stress yourself out and make sure your voice is heard.