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I'm sick of other people's children...

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H is out of town on business. Again. He left yesterday, not back until tomorrow.

I've been doing the requisite entertaining... frozen yogurt run, fast food run, afternoon at the movies, etc... But I'm all out of steam. I'm sick of other people's children. So I'm holed up in my room, emo eating and waiting until 5:00 so I can go to the gym and work these calories off again.

I need some perspective and encouragement today because I don't want to be mean or to ignore them, but I'm just SO tired of having to deal with this. From looking at them (I know they can't help it, but each one looks JUST like their BM's) to having to put up with the backtalk and smart mouths to having to hear, "When is dad coming home?" every seven minutes....

I'm ready to get in my car and drive until I run out of road. H thinks I should be as interested in and in awe of them as he is. I'M NOT! They're dirty, irritating, smart-aleck, know-it-all, IQ challenged, lazy, hardheaded, selfish little things. Sigh... I just can't...

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Do they live with you? If not, refuse to watch them when he's out of town. Have him leave them with a family member or stay with BM.

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The eldest lives with us full-time. The youngest is here for the entire summer.

I'm now a SAHW since we relocated so it's apparently my job to watch them. I resent that. I have a job interview coming up. I hope I get it so I will soon be FAR less available, I hope and pray...

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I just had a mini conversation with my husband...SD lives with us = he goes out of town often. Tonight I suggested that she stay with friends when he is out of town as our parenting skills are so different....all he said was "wow", I suppose I caught him by surprise. I have been suppressing this dread of his going out of town for 7 years. SD is 17. Doesnt tell me anything, even when BD is home, and when he is out of town, i have no clue what she is doing. ERRR>