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I wanted to post this for you guys 12 yr gets lobotomy upon stepmothers request

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The words monster and horrible person are very loosely thrown around by people who have no idea who real monsters are. 

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medical history :(. The Rose Kennedy story is particularly awful because her dad had it done because he couldn't handle imperfections. And her sister turned that tragedy into an organization my husband and I are very involved in (The Special Olympics). 

Freeman's kids sound disturbed. The entire story sounds disturbing but cheerfully talking about the ice picks that were used to mutilate other people is sickening. 

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He was kind of loon. I saw the documentary and it said mid procedure he stopped to take a picture the ice pick slipped and killed the patient. Not sure why it was allowed for as long as it was.

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Wow. That was difficult to read. I dislike my stepson a lot, and often joke about sending him off to live on the moon, but I would never do this. I actually don't think I know anyone who would think this is ok, even on the worst behaved child we ever met. No, we are not monsters. We are just people.

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Lol the moon. It’s joking though I know some people who say that about their own kids. But yes a simple roll of the eye or getting annoyed at a stepchild and we are horrible human beings. Honestly I know that none of us has ever laid a hand on our stepchild I don’t even raise my voice to mine. But yes we’re the monsters.