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I want them out of our lives.

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OH and ex signed an agreement in court that should she re-marry, co-habit or die the property is to be sold or she buys him out (unless she dies of course).

In march this year randomly out of the blue she text my OH saying the house was going to be sold, this was great as we had just been building up a case proving she had been co-habiting for over a year, so this saved us the bother.

As they are unable to talk i wrote a letter from my OH explaining that this was fine and valuations would need to be done and each of them would require a solicitor.

We had no reply at all. Until one day when the children came round the oldest one 16 gave us a letter saying mum said you must sign this..... it was a letter to the mortgage company saying the mortgage was to go on interest only. He didn't agree so the next thing was she was banging on our door asking why!

A month or so past and her new partner called and explained that they both wished to sell their properties and buy somewhere together (he didn't live in his property is was rented out) we said ok fine we will get a valuation done, you can buy us out and then sell/keep do whatever you want with the house.

They would not allow our estate agent in to do the valuation unless we signed a letter stating that we agree to interest only payments on the mortgage. So we did!

They then asaid they were gettting married in a weeks time and whilst they were away we contacted the mortgage company and stated that we were blackmailed in to signing that letter and we no longer agree.

Well upon return from their honeymoon they found this out and said they were no longet going to buy us out and see you in court. Not wanting to waste money my partner persuaded her husband to meet so they could discuss. We offered to pay the mortgage for UP TO 3 months whilst they bought the property however again they wanted a letter to the mortgage company saying we would pay it for a total of 3 months and we could back out - that was not what we were offering!

A month or so passed and i wrote a letter explaining that she was in breach of contract that they both signed and that unless she was willing to buy us out, us buy her out or put the property on the market we would be seeking legal advice! We got no reply.

I sent a further letter explaining that if no reply within 7 days i would instruct a barrister, we got a letter asking for our barristers details which i gave and she wront back saying that when she has decided what she wants to do she will let us know.

We left it a month and wrote again and no reply this time so we instructed a barrister who wrote explaining how the matter will go to court if she doesn't agree to one of the options.

she then claimed to have lost the agreement and couldn't make a decision until she had seen that. Then she said ok i will buy you out but she needs to get a valuation done which she had already had back in May, it was just another delaying tactic. Our barrister gave her two weeks to obtain this and reply with an offer and that deadline was a month ago now!

He has emailed and phoned her solicitor and all they have said is we hope to be in a position to reply shortly!

I can't sleep, eat or concentrate on anything, i want them out of our lives, it's not about the money... well it is we are going to use it to get married actually! It's about peace of mind, they are married and getting on with their lives surely they want rid of us! If they hate us that much why drag it out!

I want to be able to enjoy my time with my 6 month old son and have fun but all it take a split second of me thinking of it and i am in tears.... We need that money to get married so our life is on hold. We are getting married abroad with many family members coming so it is putting them also on hold! We have our house up for sale because i want to live closer to my family and i hate the thought that they live less than 5 minutes away.

We want a fresh start without them in our lives that is all i ask, i want to be able to rest easy and not feel sick all the time. I was dealing with this all throughout my pregnancy and now since my son was born is it too much to ask to just feel free of them!

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Thanks for all your replies.

I wrote the letters initially prior to us instructing a barrister in the thought we could deal with the matter amicably.

I work from home and my SO works 10-12 hour days so it makes sense for me to deal with it whilst i am here and that i do not mind. The barrister writes all the letters now, we just give him our thoughts on the matter and he takes it from there.

We are not relying on them getting married, i am a private investigator and had sufficeient evidence for us to take them to court for her co-habiting and that would of been enough to force the issue however in the meantime they married so it just made it simpler!

Our marriage does not depend on them, we were not planning a wedding at all but back in May when it appeared that this was going to be resolves promptly we started to think about what we were going to do with the money and SO suggested we get married so that is why it now upsets me as we had decided on what we were going to use the money for and now it keeps getting put off!

The end is hopefully now near as they have sort of made an offer, no one we agree with but at least she admits she is wrong. We are setting a deadline for this to be resolved and if it is not we will apply to court and we be applying for our legal fee's to be covered and also back rent from her husband for living in the property. So it is in the favour to settle now or they will be worse off!