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I need!

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So, I'm entering a relationship with this guy....we've been together 6 mos or so. His daughter comes and visits every other weekend. She's a pretty good kid, but his mother undermines me, which is hard because I know I'm new to the scene, so I'm hesitant to stand up for myself. The ex is extremely immature and plays games to upset my boyfriend. His mother spends A LOT of time with his ex....more than she does with him. I really resent his mother and ex and I think I'm taking it out on his daughter. I would love for us to be close, but I think my fear of her turning on me is so intense that I've just convinced myself that I hate her, which I know is unhealthy. Any advice on how to deal with this? I feel like my soul is rotting. Sad

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Hun, if it has only been 6 months and you already hate his kid, you need to run, run, run. It will not get better and BM will not get better. Sorry, but that is the way I see it. Good Luck!