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I hope this not a STalker's friend.

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An interesting Dear Abby.

Difference of Opinion Ends Longtime Friendships (


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Friends of mine.. The wife worked as a nurse making 50 bucks per hour and quit her job because she refused to get vaccinated. They have young twins at home. Her husband works in the trucking industry and got vaccinated for this job and she was apparently livid at him for getting vaccinated, Smh...

Edit, sorry I thought this was in reference to the covid article also.. Lol. Similar headline. 

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The synopsis, A recent widow started dating a significantly younger man.  The widow is moderately affluent, has a high rise home in a city, and a cabin on a lake a few hours from the city.

Her friend saw a social media post where the  younger boyfriend posted pictures of himself, his kids, and an attractive woman with the caption "The people I love at my lake cabin." Or something along those lines.

The widows friend was asking if she brings this to the attention of her widow friend, or not.

Abby advised that she ask the widow if she had fun at the weekend gathering at her cabin. Then based on the answer, show hte widow the pictures and express that the widow needst to protect herself.

Or something along those lines.