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I hate men right now.....

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I'm suddenly single because he is likely getting back together with BM. And it sux.

And then my cousin in all upset and messaged me on facebook. Her boyfriend is going to a bachelor party in Vegas soon. They group will be staying in a penthouse suite. All he keeps talking about is VEGAS and how much fun he is going to have and how he can't wait to get really drunk as it has been a few years since he's let loose and drank. He admitted that he will likey get a couple lap dances, but when she said....."please, just dont' cheat on me...." he didn't in ANY way reassure her that he wouldn't cheat. And now she feels uneasy. He asked her "did u cheat on me when u went (with her sister, btw)....and she told him NO, that she would never dream of it. And that was the end of it....she just wanted him to say something similiar to her, but he just ignored her plea for reassurance. NICE.

And then I found out this morning that my BFF and her man broke up at 3am. She's been with him for 3 years. They were going to do a Vegas wedding when she is done with her nurse practitioner studies in one year. She lives with him and pays her share of common bills. Well, last winter, he began planning a vacation for this past May. She could not go with him because she had finasl to take, papers to turn in, etc. He claimed he could only take a vaca at that time because of his work schedule, so he planned on going by himself. As it turns out, he took another woman with him. My bff just found out last night. He has been seeing this chic on the side for several months now.