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I am SOOOOO happy right now!

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I may be jinxing myself right now. but I am SOOOOO happy. I haven't seen SD since December SD came for a few days, including Christmas. My mother got DD18 and DD19 matching sentimental bracelets (one of those that have a bead with a picture inside that you have to put up to your eye to see) with a picture of both of them in it. And she got SD really soft house shoes. SD got her feelings hurt that DDs got something so sentimental and it didn't include her in it. I think that is extremely entitled of her ESPECIALLY knowing that she has REALLY distanced herself from the family and has caused SOOOOO much chaos in the family in the past 3 years. NOBODY likes her, DD18 "gets along" with her, but only for a couple of days at a time. After christmas day SD went back to her mom's, but came back the night before DD18 had to go back to college. DD18 was out with a few friends that night and wasn't coming back home until late. SD was really hoping to see her (but DD18 had already had her fill of SD), but mysteriously SD had a head ache and went back home to her mom's house. That was on the Dec 27th. I haven't seen or heard from SD since. It has been a REALLY calm and relaxing few weeks... Let's just hope it stays this way!

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Fully understand. DH's work schedule had him away from home for 3 weeks at a time, of which I did not see SKs. It was so nice because I caught hell the 3 weeks DH was home with that bunch. While BM thought she was "winning" by withholding her kids when DH was at work, I was the true winner. Enjoy your down time!

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Ah yes, wanting all the privledges if a full blown family member but also expecting to be treated like a special guest that doesn't have to put in any work at maintaining relationships and being jealous of the relationships between others. Seems to be a common condition in stepfamilies and dysfunctional families in general.

Reminds me of when SD went through a phase of reminding everyone she was the first born. She would refer to herself that way in front of DH and his family as a reminder why she was entitled to whatever she happened to want at the time.

When BM remarried and she gained an older stepsister she was certainly knocked down a peg.

Here's to 3 more weeks!

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Yes, wanting all the benefits of, but refusing to join or make efforts to be part of the family or even extend oneself to being nice and respectful of everyone. Just "give me" or "do for me" with no return gets you no return in the real world.

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She made her bed.  Now she reaps what she sowed.  Just another logical life lesson.  Don't overthink it.  

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Another hilarious part to this was when she said "now that I have a car I will be over SoOoOoOo much more often, since it will be more convenient". I responded back with, "Your father has never cared about how late/early he had to pick you up, it's never been inconvenient for him to see you" (doesn't matter how much disdain I have for her, I ALWAYS encourage DH and her relationship). Well, now that SHE'S in charge of coming and going for her visits, she's only been here a handful of times. Ever since her whole episode of not coming because we don't believe her lies, she's drifted further and further away and as much as it makes DH sad, I don't mind... life is SOSOSOSO much more peaceful with out her.