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I am new at this...

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I am new at this. I decided to join because I have been feeling very stresses and depressed lately. I am a stepmother of two boys 13 and 11. My fiance's ex-wife is trying really hard to break our relationship. I feel that my friends do not understand me much because they are not in the same situation. I love my fiance and his kids but lately I am wondering if it's worth it to go through so much pain. Thank you.

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I am going wondering the same thing also. My boyfriend and I plan to marry. He has 2 kids and I have 3. I am starting to think that living together and not marrying is more suitable for me..

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Let him know that you didn't sign up for her crap!! What is he doing to stop her medaling in your relationship? Is he enabling her or doing all he can to prevent it? That makes a big difference to what you will put up with. If you and he are on the same page and stand united, she can huff and puff all she likes but she won't get anywhere.

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