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I’m at wits end...

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With all the drama and issues from BM and MIL, DH refuses to demand respect for him and myself. I'm about to just take my son and leave him. I'm done putting up with everything and him letting everyone walk over him but has no problem putting me "in my place". I'm so done.

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I don't blame you. If my DH had ever put me in my place, instead of his busybody family or bitch BM, we would not be together, today.

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Leaving with your child will speak volumes and if that doesn't wake him up to be a more loving and supportive H....I don't know what will. Take care of you and know that you and your son deserve the best. 

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I've already left him twice and every time he would "change" for a while then go back to how he was originally. I was stupid for coming back the first time. Even stupider for coming back the second but I will NOT come back a third time. 

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That's why I'm done. I'm going to be nice one last time and stay until Thursday since his girls aren't in day care or after school program, so I'll be here to get them on and off the bus and take care of them until his day off on Friday. Only reason why I am doing this is because I do love his girls and want them to finish the school week on a good note. And it'll give me time to pack all of mine and DS's things so I don't have to come back for the rest.

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Hats off to you! If my ex had ever once stood up for me instead of turning against me and siding with his mother, his kids, his ex, etc. we would still be together today. This is the reason I left him and my life is so much better now. It was the best decison I ever made. Find a man who is a real man who will parent like a parent is supposed to and one who also can set boundaries with his mother and his ex.

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I'm so sorry you're going through this.

He should be putting you first, respecting you most, and putting everyone else in THEIR place. This guy obviously has it all backwards...


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Take care of yourself and your child.  I hope that your departure goes as smoothly as possible with little drama.