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how will you handle no school in the fall?

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Our state just said school won't begin in person in the fall unless we are in phase 4, which we won't be most likely.  It's not that it'll be any extra work for me- SD is 15 and does well in school but ugh, her being home either all day or even half a day is just bumming me out.  I'm still home all day with my one year old, and I just don't want to have to share my space.  How are you all feeling about this prospect? 

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No skids visiting here anymore, and we are in Phase 4 now (upstate NY), so I'm assuming schools will open here, unless there is a second wave.  Just curious - why are Washington's numbers still so high, considering you guys had the first cases?

Does she have to be at your house? Why not at her mother's?

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I think they are just high and will stay that way because most people are starting to gather in groups, especially as the weather gets nicer.  

She's been at her moms for the past month which has been great, because they haven't been quarantining and my husband and I have been pretty strict with it bc of the baby.  She's been sad to not stay here and I don't see any way that she will stay at her mothers.  I'm just going to have to deal with it, i'm just really bummed.  

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Yes, the numbers are going up in most all states that are opening up. Our area had only 4 cases until this month, now it's 6. I expect it to exponentially increase. People are gathering, lots of vacation people and those with summer homes are coming back from around the country (we live in a destination area). The lack of physical distancing andvmadk wearing is appalling). People are getting complacent.

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NY is still going down, despite most of the state being in last phases of opening.  But we waited until late May to open and it's been strictly enforced. Also, around here, just about everyone seems to be wearing masks, though there are some who aren't, and who are going to bars and spreading COVID around.

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I'll be surprised if school doesn't start in person in the fall.  Our cases are decreasing, even after the governor's stay at home order was struck down by our state supreme court and things pretty much opened right up.  My county has no restrictions at all.

That said, I will be majorly bummed if school is online again.  For reasons I don't understand, BM, who is usually a decent parent, doesn't seem to value education.  She didn't make the skids do any of their work in April and May, so all the school work happened at our house.  They're young - we're talking early elementary, so it's not the end of the world - but I don't need to go through that again.  When they're home all day, I don't get much housework done, there's an even bigger mess to clean up, and it takes away from time I have with my baby.  I'd rather have them gone at school all day, and I'm sure they'd rather be at school with their friends, too.