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How should I handle this

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:? I really don't know what to do about this situation. I don't know if I am being unfair, unreasonable, or if I'm over reacting...please help. My live-in boyfriend and I have been together for a year. We are both divorced and we both have children from our previous marriages. I have 3 children and my BF has 2 step children a 17 girl and a 19 yr old boy he also has an 8 yr old who is his biological child. He was married to his ex wife for 8 yrs. I have noticed some things lately that make me uncomfortable and left feeling very excluded and disrespected. As I said he and I do live together and we talk about a future together so this is not just a fling we are in a committed; long-term relationship here. Anyway...over the summer we went on vacation and took his 17 yr old step daughter with us. We did not take the 8 yr old as he felt she was too young. While on vacation I noticed some odd behaviors from the 17 yr old she seemed a bit stand offish and was pulling her shirt up and saying she was fat ( she is very thin) and wanting to do the exact opposite of anything I suggested I understand she is 17 and 17 yr old do odd things, but this felt like something more. Then, it came time to buy school clothes and I expected that my BF would buy his 8 yr old her clothes, but I did not expect he would plan a special trip just he and the 17 yr old to go school clothes shopping...just him and her as she has a job, a father who is involved in her life, and her mother makes 3x the money that my BF does, so he took the 17 yr old shopping left the 8 yr old at home and had to wait to buy her school clothes until next paycheck. Recently, he came home and told me he was going to Ohio which is about 3 hrs away from where we live to take the 17 yr old to a concert. I looked at him I am sure with an odd look and he then asked if I wanted to go..of course I said no as I felt like I was an after thought. He explained to me that he wanted to take her because he had taken his step son 2 yrs ago and felt bad that she didn't go. When I questioned him as to why that meant that I was excluded he told me a different story he then said that he wanted to take her because he had seen some disturbing photos of her on FB.....I then asked him why he made up the first excuse and he explained because he didn't want to drag me into it. Well given the fact that A. I would never exclude him and B. the fact that he made up an excuse...I couldn't help but to bring it up again just explained to him that it hurt me that he excluded me...he then gave me yet another answer...this time he told me the reason he excluded me is because the situation (him and I being together) makes her feel uncomfortable. How is that a 17 yr old is uncomfortable but an 8 yr old 15, 12,and 13 yr old are all very comfortable. And how will we ever go on vacations or have family dinners if this is the case? Are the questions that I asked him. He said " What do you want me to tell you" he is very aware that I am hurt by this. When we first started dating I sat my 3 kids down and told them that I I loved and he made me happy and asked that they respect that and give him a chance...and they did and now they do respect him. I wonder why a 17 yr old can not do that? After we talked I thought I felt better about things, but I just can't seem to let this go. I thought maybe after our talk he would talk to her and maybe they would then invite me to go as to try and bond with his step-daughter, but he still plans to take her and I have also found out that he is also taking her best friend with them. Am I over reacting to this situation? He has not told me that he is also taking the 17 yr olds best friend I found that out accidently also our internet history revealed that he was looking for hotels near where they are going for this concert. He is looking are her photos on FB. This behavior seems odd to me. He has spent a lot of money on this trip and he have car repairs that are not taken care and bills to pay and he is spending money like this on this trip. We still have not taken the 8 yr old anywhere to make up for her not going on the summer trip. I am disturbed that A. he didn't talk to me about making plans for this trip B. he is a 35 yr old man taking two 17 yr old girls on an overnight trip C. that he would spend this kind of money on this knowing that we could not afford it D. Not being truthful as to why he felt he needed to take only the 17 yr old thereby excluding the whole rest of our family

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I see major red flags here! The biggest is he man lied to you TWO times (that you know of) and in my experience people don't lie unless they have something to hide.

While it is nice that he maintains contact with his PREVIOUS step children, I don't understand why after divorcing their mother (especially when you say they have a father who is involved in their lives) he is so (what I see as) overly involved in this girls life? I also think it odd that he is spending money that you say you don't have to take this girl and her friend to a concert. Is this girl's BioF totally cool with all of this???

I also think it's very odd that he took the 17 year old girl school shopping and left his son at home and couldn't afford to buy him anything until his next paycheck?? My big question is why does this girl seem to be a priority over his son, you, his finaces etc???

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Exactly he lied twice about why he wanted to take her and exclude all other members of our household and in addition has kept from me that he is also taking her best friend and the fact that he was looking into hotel rooms.

I can't answer why he is so overly involved with his step-daugter; I wish I knew. She was 8 when he married her mother so he did spent a good amount of time raising her, but he admits they were not close when he was still with her mother. Now...he texts her often through out the day while he is at work...he checks her FB posts and photos...takes her shopping and on trips.

We can't afford for him to take this trip!! He is doing it anyway the tickets are already purchased. He has also told her he will buy them concert t's which generally are quite pricy. I don't know how her bio dad feels about this.

You ask all very valid questions..unfortuneately I can't answer these questions that is why I am here on this site seeking advice...insight.

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WEIRD; I kind of get the creeps. Keeping in touch is one thing but.......

Honesty is the best way to go - always - good luck

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I don't know how I should handle this. I get an uneasy feeling about the situation.

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Happysearch that is great advice!! I will have that conversation with him as soon as I get home tonight! Helena_brass it is doubtful that they are staying in separate rooms as finances undoubtedly would not allow that. Keep in mind he has not told me about the hotel or the second 17 yr old going these are things that I have found out on my own through history on our computer.

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I would approach him and say that you changed your mind & would like to go. Add that it might be a great time to 'bond' with sd. If he becomes defensive then you have totalk to him. If not then go but keep a watchful eye on everything!! This just seems really creepy, but then again I knew an older man who later married his sd. Or maybe I just watch too much Lifetime TV!