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How is everyone doing?

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How is everyone doing? 

Court was reconvened due to BM has asking for all types of motions, one being my financial records for CS…. She was shot down on my financial records, judge said only financial records he will look at is of BM/BF. Judge once again told her to STOP talking about me.

GAL report came out and makes her look like a total fool.  GAL report stated that she badmouths BF to SS, and me being in BF’s life has nothing to do with SS or his refusal to see his dad.  Of course, BM told the judge that the GAL report is a “Joke” 

Remember BF moved into a large house for his child? When BM left with her married BF? I guess the owner knows BM (Small town they all know each other) and they kicked him out no warning, would not say why. 

When he confronted them, they got argumentative and told him they “Don’t want his kind around here” He asked “What kind” and they answered “A wife beater who chooses whores over his child”

BF lost it.  I’m so proud of him.  He told the owners that if he finds out they were talking to BM they will be hearing from his lawyer and subject to a slander suit.  Told them never to talk that way about me, that I did nothing wrong and did not deserve what BM put me through.  They were scared shitle$$ and speechless!!!!  (When he was moving the neighbors told him that the owners have been gossiping about us for a long time)..good riddance!!!!!!!!!!

He found a great townhouse in the city with gated access.  Lovely place.  I love it, it is homey and cute.  I never felt comfortable in that large house from the get go, never knew why.  Now I do.