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How does a contempt hearing go?

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You folks are familiar with my story. So the BM had decided that the bonus money my fwh was ordered to pay (since it was ruled "additional support", it was a % of the NET amount of the bonus money) was NOT ENOUGH...she feels entitled to the DEDUCTIONS that were taken out because they were his stock purchases (which his employer takes out of EVERY bonus, including the one that the judge saw and ruled--it's why he ruled that my DH parts with a % of the NET amount) and voluntary disability. Of course taxes are taken out, etc. Since the BM clearly does NOT understand the definition of net vs. gross...SHE filed contempt charges saying my DH owes her an additional $400! Now just a refresher--she has been unemployed since 2008, she's currently not employed now, she originally wanted over $2000 a month in CS (she is getting almost $1300, which includes the arrears that built up while my DH was waiting on the court system for paternity).

We managed to scape up enough money to retain a lawyer (DH wants to file some things as well, including a claim of false contempt charges and have BM pay his lawyer fees--maybe THEN she will quit filing hocus pocus bullsh*t). However, we don't get to talk to her until next week. Since I cover the child on my health insurance--which is about to change--I am going to talk to the lawyer as well because the BM has called my HR office and bitched at them...she is a piece of work who will most likely flip her lid once she finds out. But in the meantime, just wanted to ask how does it go? Will I be allowed in the courtroom? Because I have every intention of going even if I have to wait outside (but not saying anything, obviously). The court date is in a few weeks. To our knowledge the BM doesn't have a lawyer, but since she is "poor" I'm sure she qualifies for legal aid of some sort. This new lawyer is awesome so I'm confident of her capabilities, and our case is rock solid because my DH did nothing wrong.