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How Did I End Up Babysitting This Kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Long story short, my husband knows I do not like babysitting his daughter, we have had many discussion and arguments about it. Last night he comes to me with this sob story about not being able to contact his daughter's godmother (she watches her while he is at work) and asked me if I could watch her. I reluctantly agreed. This morning he texted me to say he loves me and thank you. I texted him back and told him that this will not happen again. I also went back to the fact that this litte chic, SD11 sat on his cell phone (she has trashed everyone he gets her included the cell phone I gave her) and talked mad trash about me to her BM's mother. I told him that I do not fell comfortable being alone with her because of the lies she told her grandmother and that I do not trust her. This child is very manipulative and sneaky. Luckily she is still asleep, yet it is 11:33AM EST and she is still asleep because bedtime for her consists of lying in bed watching movies all half the night. I am so sick of this little chic, she has been in my house since May and I am ready for her to go the F.... back to her mother. I really dislike this child and resent her being here. Get the F.... out already!

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It is now 2:01 pm and this child has not washed her butt yet! She is going to be a nasty woman. I am not going to make do it either. My husband called me and asked me to tell her to get dressed and pack your bag to go the her grandmother's house at 3. I told him I am not going to say anything to her and that he can deal with it when he gets here. I am chilling up stairs in my bedroom. I told him I do not want to be responsible for her and he is finally getting the hint.

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I end up in similar position with SS8. Had a big blow up about it finally last Month because SS8 was always being dumped on me even when I'm working and rarely was I asked. Last Month he was dumped on me for a whole week even though I had to work and fit hit the shan. Seems DH thinks me working from home is a free sign of being able to babysit, without even being asked. So this Month we have him again and DH is supposed to be off all week, as was the decree after last month. Yet he wants to 'run to work' this morning to place an order before the 6:30a cut off and said he'll be back by 8. I start work at 8:30. His brat is up and lurking around the house as early as 5a. He didn't get back until 10:30 and by then I had to feed the brat, force him to brush his teeth and clean up his room and to get dressed.

Then he tells me he has to work all day Friday too. I told him to send SS8 home Thursday instead of Saturday evening. My family is coming to visit Thursday-Saturday and he knows I'm taking Friday off to be with them as I won't see them again until Christmas most likely. He refuses and said he'll try to get off Friday. He really expected me to forego my family to watch a kid that's not his or mine? So then he asks if I can do it until 12p as he has to work 6-12. Freaking sick of this kid. I feel your pain.

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I would never do that to my husband. My four children are all grown and on their own. I told him I will not be responsible for a child that is raise in a matter contrary to how I feel she should be raised and is a spoiled, entitled brat. One time he told me that I can not tell him how to raise her. I said fine then you make sure you find someone else to watch her then!