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How Can She Be So Calm ?

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We are in the process of filing for sole-custody of BF's two children ages 15 and 10. The 15-year old is a nightmare, if any of you have read my older posts. He has stolen from me, a possible Columbine "spelling" child in waiting. For real, he is just a bad seed.

About five weeks ago, while going through his book bag as I normally do - I found a page with about 6 items listed "Thing's he wanted to do when I was not home, or he was not in the home" LOL... They were "see if I can remember" - 1. Use front doorway as an ashtray as him and two other friends smoked Camels 2. Put shrimp tails in my hubcaps 3. Gorilla Tape my truck, 4. Burn a sign on my roof saying "My Full Name" is a C*NT TIP "yeah kind of retarded". 5. Burn the same thing with a sign in my front using my truck as the sign and #6 was blank.

I called SS's mom while BF took them back. Told her that her son was Fuk'd & in need of some serious counceling, he was no longer welcome to my house "showing this craziness" - his dad did scold him and I believe he scared him but I wanted to get good old mom involved. Praying she would get so pissed off and keep his a$$ at home. Instead she goes off on me, insisting BF and I need counceling. Blah, Blah, Blah... I asked her what kind of mom was she - She snapped back saying I was Jealous! OK

JEALOUS OF WHAT? I asked her... Could it be that card board box she is living in - it's NASTY. She told me I knew nothing. I told her that her kids have told me about the black mold spores in the bathroom. The dogs all over the place, there allergies, the beer cans tossed all over the lawn... Also, was I jelous of her rat trap of a car... Or maybe the fact that she is dating some nasty old fat guy, who she just broke up his marriage. She eventually hung up. But we are going full force for custody. And she just sits back like it's NO BIG DEAL...

I am pissed because while we have the kids, she gets BF's child support check. If it was up to her, we would have them every single day. And the only reason wants to keep sole-custody is because of her big $155.00 a week. She doesn't spend the money on her children. Instead she uses it to party like she is 21. When she is really 38... He son is also on probation now. My BF asks for details and she gives very vague answers. We originally wanted to take a trip to N.C. for the Holiday but she has already pushed her son's Community Service hours back so many times that they have a deadline the first week of July for the previous month of June? Yep, she's a great mom.

I am just venting because I am mean to this woman. I hate her and honestly this may sound mean but I hate her son too with a Passion! Yet, she could careless. Is it because she knows that I am a good mom, despite the fact that I hate her son? Urgh...

BF is happier than a Pig in Sh*t because we have had the children since Friday but I am so ready for them to go home. I have to buy take-out food almost nightly because they are picky. I had to buy them some more clothes - But BF is happy just to be spending some time with them.

I am mad because Bio Mom is getting the money. Is anybody else going through this? Also I did make sure that BF got so into counceling after the threats against my new Armada were taken. So, he is going to a therapist. But she doesn't care what we do to her.

I would just love to get her goat like she get's mine every week. LOL I would think that she would get a little territorial when it comes to her children but it's been the exact opposite. She even told BF today that he could take SS to Community Service - yep, then his Probation become BF's responsibility when she is the reason he is how he is. He is on Probation for having a very large amount of drugs that were purchase in her neighborhood on school grounds. He's on probation until he is 19 but my question is, why can't she ever be held accountable for her actions?

This is just venting. Also wondering if anyone feels the same when it comes to the EX. No matter what you do, it never pisses her off. But she can manage to screw up your plans or inconvenience you all of the time. Would love to hear some stories Wink

Sorry for any typo's - I am at work and just venting quickly. Take care everyone.

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Bio-Children - Son under 1 with BF, Son age 11 from previous relationship.

BF - Son under 1 our's together, Daughter age 20 from prior marriage, son age 14 & daughter age 10 from previous relationship.