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How can this be happening?

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So Im 7mths pregnant and my husband is having to leave where we are to go back to the state we just moved from to fight that b*tch in court. If not, supposedly they will issue a warrant for his arrest. Why? I am already highrisk and due in 2mths. I feel like this woman controls our lives.

One of his attorneys is saying he wont win custody unless he moves back to MD. Im not moving back. Im not letting this woman dictate my life and where I live or where I have my baby.

I already take care of her 2 children and now she wants to act like she wants them when all she does is pawn them off on other people while she goes out and drinks. (recovering alcholic my butt) All because she thinks she will get 1K or 1300 a mth for the children. I own everything and my husband doesnt work. I own what she thinks is his business. Its in my name. She thinks that he makes the money he used to when they were together 2 yrs ago, we don't!!!

How is this happening? She has ruined my pregnancy and taken away my husband. I hate her.

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I'm sorry that she is making what is supposed to be a joyful moment for you and your husband long does he have to be in MD to handle the court stuff? Hopefully it is something that he can handle in a matter of days a week tops and get back to you...try your best to focus on your babies development and find joy in is SO close and you will have a beautiful baby soon!! Also, when she gets to court and finds out that she won't get to use her kids as an ATM machine...joke will be on her! Best wishes and WELCOME!

Make a GREAT Day!

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syd11, first I want to say congratulations on being pg!!! This sounds like your first, and I truly hope you can find a way to not let this woman contaminate your joyous occasion of pregnancy. Nise is right, you need to stay focused on this wonderful occasion in your life, and not focus on the negativity. I know it is easier said then done, but it is achieveable.

You have the precious ability to conceive and maintain a child, that is a gift millions of women aren't allowed to have. A court date sucks, but it is temporary. Your pg is something you need to focus on and thank whomever, that you are gifted to have this precious baby.

Venting here is very theraputic, whenever you feel angry, come here spill your guts, and we will do what we can to inspire to keep your focus where it needs to be.

Hopefully this court date will blow up in her face, and she will no longer have the ability to use her children fulltime (she will just use them parttime).