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High five to this forum

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I was just on a fb page where a lady was asking about her toxic ex... 

Thanks to finding this site I was able to say 'put him to email only, don't deviate from discussion about the children's contact, If that fails to straight to mediation'


It saddens me how many individuals, male or female have to keep putting up with intrusive and toxic cr#p, because they believe they'll look the bad person in disengaging from trying to Co parent with narcs/ a holes! Having learnt what I've learnt here I try to help where I can!

On a short Ps narc bm here sent dh 3 emails about picking up n dropping off times for our Halloween party Sunday, whilst we were on holiday abroad 2 weeks ago! . All just trying to insert herself and upset him /us. Best thing we ever did was remain email only and ignore the piggy! 

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Well done! And yes, this site is awesome as people here actually understand what being a step is like. Smile

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Is the best!   Keep HCBM away from you, as much as possible!

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Kinds of so called urgent crap and favours whilst he is overseas with me and our 2 kids who were toddlers in my country of birth expecting he work miracles

my husband simply says he is o/seas and can't do anything till he is back. I remember once sd's cousin from batshit crazy narc hcgubm whom she was supposedly not in contact apparently was in regular contact and he cousin who looked 10 yrs old had applied to work at hubbys bank (my husband is in charge and oversees new hiring), sd expected hubby get her hired. 

my husband told her if she sucked that bad at interview and wasn't shortlisted, it meant she didn't meet the basic criteria and standards and his hands were tied. 

its very clear bio mum gets eldest sd to insert herself and make them relevant somehow because god forbid hubby spends time with us enjoying us instead of them since they're alienated and go no contact.