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High conflicts and the holidays

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Another holiday, another catastrophic breakdown.

Why is it always holidays, birthdays, and the like that this high conflict BM looks for a fight?

No matter how much my husband steps back, uses the Our Family Wizard website (as court ordered for all communication), sets boundaries...
she finds ways to pinky toe over them or loop holes to jump right through.

Why can't she just be happy on her own?

And why am I the center of her arguments?

Her last message:

"If you have any concerns about any of our children while under my supervision I suggest that you call me. I am not going to be accused of anything by someone such as your wife who control your OFW account and sends most messages. I ask you to please discuss with your wife the lack of respect that she shows me by making unfounded accusations."

Want to know what my husband sent to her first?
"SD email is used by OFW as her log in email. Legally we both are to have access to it. Your phone number and my email for her security recovery. Twice in the last week, when SD was with you, my email has been removed and yours was put in place. This can't continue to happen as it breaks the court order. Please explain this to SD."

So, how did I accuse BM, of anything???