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HELP, BM area might go back into lockdown

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So BM lives in an area of the UK that might be going back into lockdown, where we are is safe. Here the cases of coronavirus have been going down at a steady rate. 

I suggested to DH that he talk to BM and see if SD can live here with us temporarily, shes 5 and lockdown was hard for her and we dont want her going through that again so soon. 

What do you guys think about that? 

If they go back into lockdown, we won't see SD till it is over. We haven't seen her since February as it is. 

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Seems logical to me that she should be in the area that is NOT in lockdown, but would BM agree?

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Obviously, it makes sense for the child to be in the safer environment.  But, will BM agree?  She probably won't.

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Sadly I have no idea if she'd agree. You'd think she would, shes a key worker and has to get tested often, if her test pops up positive then SD5 also has to have a test done. I just thought it would be safer for her here where she wont be stuck in lockdown again because shes been so bored lately. 

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As I understand it, there's not necessarily a "safe" place right now. There's cases where things have been controlled better through regulations, population size and some societal adherance to the policies that have staved off some of the spikes in cases. But we're all just a case or two away from being back to the precipice of it all over again. Right now we're relying heavily on people "doing the right thing" and self-quarantining, washing hands, distancing and not going out in public or to public places  if they feel ill at all (and of course there's the whole swath of people who are asymptomatic).

ALL that to say, I think as this thing progresses, the "safe zones" will be in flux until either a vaccine or herd immunity is achieved, and that could still be a while. So, that could mean that the safer place today isn't the safer place 6 months from now. 

If you don't think she'd agree to letting you guys have SD during lockdown-- maybe an alternate schedule could work where SD is basically quarantined for 2-3 weeks at a time at each house? I'm not sure how it is in the UK regarding custody agreements, I know here we were encouraged to follow standard protocol regardless of a pandemic. We altered ours a little to accomodate the science around not swapping homes every other day and just traded off time in chunks of 2-3 weeks and agreed that we would do our own due diligence while SK was with us to to not unecessarily put anyone in danger or be risky.

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Sadly this isn't possible because we live 180 miles apart.