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have a dilemma

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My mom has a question,

I have a friend who has worked in CA and paid taxes, but he is not a USA citizen. He has a daughter 13 yrs of age that is in a boarding school as she lost her mom due to cancer 5 yrs ago and dad travels for work although unemployed right now. She wants to to to public school and wants out of the boarding school. Dad has no money to get this done for his daughter. He would even be willing to let someone adopt his daughter just to make her life better. He has been to social services 5 times to get help for her but he gets denied each and every time coz he is not a citizen. Where can i go to try and find answers to help this girl???????

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I wonder this, too? If he stops paying tuition then the boarding school isn't going to keep her. Even if he isn't a citizen, he can enroll her in public school