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Happy Thanksgiving STalkers.

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I hope that your day was one of feasting, family, and reqcognition of all that is worthy of thanks in your lives.

Sincere regards,



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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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Hope you had a great day, too! We had a wonderful Turkey day, with zero drama. 

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No drama for us.  I recently hired one of my nearly career long problem solvers about 7 weeks ago. He has no family here. He joined us for TG dinner and we had a nice time.  He left at about 8PM and then I had to head in to work for equipment start up at 11PM.  That went flawlessly and I made it home and crawled in the sack at 1AM.


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We had a wonderful drama free Thanksgiving too.  Our home does NOT 'do' drama.

Started to decorate for Christmas today 

I think I there is a  hint of onions, celery and turkey lurking in the air, still. Smile

Hopefully you can catch up on some rest over the weekend Rags. Take care


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Thank you.  I will try but the odds are definitely not in my favor. I have a new manager on my staff, another whose last "day" is tomorrow night and I have those two reqs to fill as soon as I can get the right candidates in the seats.

Until then, the new manager and I will have to cover our full time jobs and those vacancies.  

I have to say I have not missed the holiday retail grind since I sold my share of my company 30+ years ago. I still twitch when I get anywhere near a Mall during the peak shopping season. I spent 6+ years running Mall based restaurants.  Holiday shopping season is sheer hell. 

Now... I am back in that mix through on the high speed distribution equipment side.

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My parents wanted to eat out at a buffet. I asked SD15 and she said yes she would go. But it was made a little bit complex because its her mother Toxic Trolls week. She cleared it with the madre, and her sister SD22 Feral Forger and Crazy Troll were to have dinner with Toxic Troll, and all was good because SD15 Doesnt like Crazy Troll and really dislikes Feral Forger.

So. Went hiking for a few hours and made it to a good high point. Came home and got ready and an hour before we left I asked "so when are you picking up SD15?" His reponse was "ummmm she hasnt contacted me, so shes probably going with her mother!"

Egads. Her mother selfishly drives a 2 seater. So I picked her up and shooed her into the shower where she made a mess. DH cleaned it. We made it to dinner and sat next to the window on a hot sunny day and COOKED.

But it was a nice visit with my parents. lol. TT picked up kiddo several hours later (like 6).

Happy thanksgiving!

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And I have a whole year to recover until the next one.

SD insisted on hosting this year.  The minute we walked in the door, she turned on the old videos of DH with his first wife and then after dinner, she had us play a board game where she took out the original playing cards and swapped in actual photos of DHs first family and we were all supposed to choose a caption that fits the picture.  Forced to look at pictures of DH's first wife the entire game. How fun.  Suffered in silence for 5 1/2 hours. 

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Why didnt your DH put a stop to this. That was highly inappropriate.

I wouldve left.

I wouldve chose a caption all right! It wouldnt have been purty either.

Blessings you lived through hell lady. Now go kick some ass!

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At least the ST forum understands this is not normal.  I feel bullied, that can't be right.  And gaslighted.

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I dont know how you did this.

You must be saint.

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In his family is to be the bigger person and hope that someone in his family will catch on and see what they are doing.  There is no lasting enjoyment in seeing my feelings hurt.  Then SD calls at 10:30 that night after we got home to probably check up on whether she accomplished her goal of causing problems between us.

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That would be the day DH ever puts a stop to his adult children's behavior.  That would be the day (says wistfully).   

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Lady your DH is a jerk magnified.


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The most cringeworthy moment of the night came from DH himself.  I won't go into the detail of that because the sting of that hurts the most.  When he gets around his kids the game is throw Twirl under the bus and show where his loyalty lies.  I'm the turkey that gets eaten for Thanksgiving.  

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With all due respect, but you are aware you need not tolerate this crap from DH? 

You deserve so much better.

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My reward might not be in this life, but I practice perseverance and forgiveness.  God is the healer of all wounds.  

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maybe start a new blog. I think you would get great advice.

I dont wanta speak for the big guy/gal upstairs, but dang I dont think any higher power would want this for you.

Forgive all you want, but that doesnt mean you should put up with shit in this life, or any.


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On a thread that's supposed to be happy.  I will bump an old thread, I didn't have the energy to start a new one.