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grrr facebook!!!

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golden uterus has added SO's entire family - his mom, dad, 3 sisters and his 2 best friends. And they all accepted her request. and now they are tagging each other in photos and making "memory lane" type comments from her short 2 year marriage to my SO - a marraige that ended b/c of HER infedilty and sneaky ways. She even lied to his parents - she called them up one day and said she and SO needed money for a necessary home repair. She asked them to send the money, but not tell their son about it because he would get mad at her for asking them. When they sent the money, she took the money, and then filed for a divorce. That was 4 years ago. And now SO and his family act like they have forgotten what a rotten person she was. It's like they have amnesia. They are all good friends, calling n texting eachother because "its good for the kid". Ugggh.

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sd19's posts always get on my nerves. simple solution. i blocked her statuses from showing up in my news feed. now i don't have to see anything to do with her, but we're still fb friends, so she doesn't know and i saved lots of drama cuz i didn't have to delete her. she's none the wiser that i don't see anything she posts. if you aren't friends with the person who annoys you, you can still block them completely. you won't have to see anything at all to do with them, even on someone else's page. DO IT!!!

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I'm not fb friend with BM, and I'm not fb friends with any of his family members b/c I don't know them very well (they all live in a different country). I

stalked her fb wall and saw that she had newly added them. I asked SO if her family requested her first, and he said no, she requested them after SO gave her permission when she asked him if it would be OK. They mutually decided it would be a positive thing if she could build a rship with all of them again, for their sons sake. Puke.

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This whole 'good for the kid' thing is BS. She made a choice not to be in you SO family and he made the same choice when they broke up. If she may have to interact with his family occasionally at kids birthdays etc. but there is no need to be fb friends. Sounds to me like she's trying to hold on to the past, to your SO and his family is allowing it. It's completely disrespectful to you.

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Randoms thoughts:
I'm really jealous of her and SO's friendship.

Im not bragging and I'm not joking....people usually compare me to Princess Di or Princess Kate by how I present myself. I have tact, empathy, poise and grace and I treat everyone with respect (though I look nothing like either Di or Kate).

BM is loud, mouthy, and a little snake. She acts so ignorant. She has a reputation in our community as being a snake and crazy.

Why does SO act like she is the greatest thing since sliced bread and get mad at me when I suggest otherwise. They became "friends" a year ago for the sake of their son, and now they are really chummy, and now she is chummy with his family again. It bothers me. He can have her if he wants her and vice versa. He will never find someone with as much class as I have, and I highly doubt if their relationship will work out for more than a couple of years. I just don't understand why he would want to lose someone as nice as me....for her sake.

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Did I miss a post where you got back together with SO? Or am I confusing you with another poster?

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I don't know if I posed about getting back together, but yes, we broke up a few months ago (and I posed about it) and are now back together.

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Pleeeease don't do this to me!!! I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW. I got back with him because I want to work things out. I really miss our "good" times and want them back. I also miss his older son (age 6). Such a good kid. He and SO don't have a very good relationship. In fact, we mainly broke up because I was SICK and TIRED of how he showed extrmeme favortism to his other son (age 5), and not his oldest. We got into a huge fight when he told me he realizes he shows favortism and he "thinks" it's because he likes the 5 yo's mom, and hates the older child's mom. Ugggh. I honestly have such a close connection with that kid.

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After what he said to you and knowing how he feels about his relationship with BM, why you give him the time of day?