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Get Him OUT!

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This is my first post (sooo glad I found this place!) and hopefully won't be too long...

I have an SS15 and SS10, married for last year and 1/2, together 3 before that. BP CRAZY BM that has been hell since day 1. (Wish I would've found this place earlier so someone could tell me to RUN!)

My dilemma is that I have an extremely lazy SS15 that I have lost all patience for. He thinks sitting in class all day is too hard, he has too much homework, etc... Needless to say he gets this from his mother who is working on a 4 year degree going on 6 and 1/2 years now. She can't take summer classes because it doesn't suit her "learning style" and has to babysit her 15 and 10 year-old. (Normally I could care less, except that DH's maintenance got extended an extra 2 years for her to take her sweet ass time finishing!)

He has no motivation to do anything- he won't go outside when we all go for walks/play catch, he doesn't want to get his license because it's too much work with school, he's disrespectful to DH... and he is quite a loner. He hates our house because we have too many rules and he said to DH last week that if it were up to him, he'd live at his mom's, have a fridge and TV in his room and do nothing all day. Needless to say this is the extreme opposite of how I was raised. My DH and I just had our first child and I really don't want SS15's negative energy rubbing off on him. So I want him out. At least during the week. Problem is we have the boys 1/2 the time (Wed/Thurs and every other weekend) and she has made it very clear recently that she is too busy for extra time with the boys. Even though when SS15 was 11, BM texted DH that she couldn't wait for him to turn 12 so he could choose to live with her full time.

I just want him to stay there during the week and keep every other weekend as is. (It would be nice if it were both SSs, but I don't want to press my luck) DH is a great dad, and is surprisingly on board, but doesn't think BM will go for it. Any suggestions out there???

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Your DH (husband) needs to step up and force his child to be productive. If he is disrespectful, then he needs a punishment of some kind. Same with not doing school work or whatever.

Find his "currency" (eg, Ipod, xbox...) and take it away when he refuses to do something. He can't run away to his Mom's every time something sucks for him.

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If he hates your house and everything, why doesn't he just stay with BM? Isn't she letting him? What does the court order say?

I totally understand why you'd like to see less of him during the week. If you can't get BM on board I don't think there is much you can do. Except maybe give him even more rules and chores so he'll be begging to stay with his mom Wink

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He'll complain and then all three of them will call SM the monster that is just torturing their precious child...

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Why do you care if he is there? It's only a few days a month. Tell your son he is a mess and to not emulate his behavior or attitude because it's one of a loser, then keep your son away on walks, sports, library, gym, whatever. The only time my bios interact with the skids is for 2-hours a weekend, they play Wii together, other than that, we have separate lives.

Your hands are tied, BM does not want custody of him and you cannot force him out, but you can live your life apart from his. Leave DH with him alone, once he does not see his wife that much, he will actually start parenting.

Or, you could offer BM more money to take him (kinda what we do). He is old enough to stay home alone in her basement.

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Your husband's CS got extended because BM is in school? Holy crap. What is the reasoning there?

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Not really sure. Judge said she was making an effort to better her life, so I take that as he felt sorry for her.... that's really the only rational thing I could think of.