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general respect from kids

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Ok so my DH and his demon brat moved out of my house at the beginning of the year (best decision I ever made!), due to SS13 extremely bad behaviour toward me and vandelising my belongings and the list goes on.    As DH and I still own a succesful business together , we are still in daily contact etc which is fine and we get along better than ever, and its been great not having to deal with, see or even think about his spoilt brat since,,, however the other day i was required to go to DH property to sort some paperwork and the brat was there outside riding his scooter.  I walked past him several times, i didnt make any conversation but i politely said hello as one would do.   He just looked at me with a sour look and rode off,,,, his dad was there the whole time and did not address the fact his shithead could not even say hello or even wave out of politeness.  It made my blood again as i would assume that he would be made to great any other person who enetered the property wether he liked it or not.  Regardless of the fact I dont like him and the feeling is mutal,, i still would expect him to greet an adult out of good manners.  It makes my blood boil on how rude and disrepesctful this kid is allowed to be.  Should I be raising this with the exDH or just ignore it completely but then i feel im being as bad as this 13yr old brat?

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I don't know, call me crazy, buuuut......he's 13. Yeah it's poor manners, but you all are split up now--what does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? To him, you're the bad guy. Doesn't mean he's right, but still, that's going to be his view on the matter. I'd let it rest. By not saying anything, you'll be taking the high road, and that's always the better route. Take care.

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Why are you surprised? He allows the kid to behave horribly in every other way, you imagine he's going to teach him manners?  If anything, say, 'Nice kid you are raising there," and then drop it.  Your DH is a lousy parent, that's been established - he's not going to do anything to make this kid more polite to you.

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Your relationship.  He moved out instead of parenting his kid by putting his foot down.  He letting his kid control his life.  And you want a Hello ?   This should make you feel good about making him move out.  He not ready, may not ever be ready for a adult relationship.

Maybe this is the reall reason his first marriage failed.  The ex had enough to of him. And is looking for a real man 

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thanks for the comments everyone ,, and yes i dont know why it should even bother me.  The ex is my business partner and i dont have to say a word to the kid or anything about the kid.

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I would recommend that you not bring it up with DH. He knows his failed family breeding experiment is a little dickhead so pointing it out to him yet again will serve little to no purpose. However, next time this happens confront the little shit in real time in front of his idiot father.  "Excuse me you little turd. I said HELLO!!!!!  Be polite and say hello in return rather than being a little shit, scowling and scooting off on your toy."

Lather, rinse, repeat.  If hopefully STBXDH fails to gain some clarity and get his spawn under control.... that just motivates you to put a date on the calendar for the divorce.    Even when this idiot child is an adult, he will never be completely gone and will pollute your life.

Be good to you.  Flip a coin and figure out who is buying the other out of the business. You wind the flip either way. You purge them from your life.. and... if he buys you out you can take the money and go into direct competition with a fresh new business that you are in complete control of. If you buy him out... they are still out of your life and you can still kick his ass in business.

Take no prisoners is always an option in relationships and business.

Take care of you. 

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Disengage. I view my SKs (one was 14 when I got together with their Dad) now as the cesspit which he created. He has to walk in it, I try as much not to, but trouble is SK(23) moved in with us after he fell out with his Mum, and now he's our problem again.

I see them and I don't see young men any more. I see garbage, sewage, everything they themselves and their parents have created. They are rude like your SK, but you are so so so lucky - he is history to you and out of your life.  See his appalling behaviour and smile to yourself and him and shake your head knowingly, you're out of it, he's a disgrace and your ex partner who wouldn't do anything about is now lumbered with it. Woo hoo!