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Garbage disposal SS

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How can I gently bring up to my SO that his 9 year old son eats waaayyy too much? Watched this kid eat a whole rib eye steak and huge baked potatoe then try to make a PBJ sandwich. Night before it was two cheeseburgers a fry and a chocolate shake.He eats constantly...thank god he's at least back in school now. His dad just laughs and says "you're a growing boy". He's already chubby so it's going to be a sensitive subject. I've actually stopped stocking up at the grocery store because of his habits. I only buy what we need or what I know he can't cook or won't eat.

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It is probably the age! Like tommar said--get healthy foods for snacks. Eliminate calorie-filled beverages. Be prepared for a growth spurt! Usually that little chub they build up means they are about to shoot up a couple of inches--especially if the eating is a new thing and not simply a learned life-long habit.

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pre-teen and teen boys = horses!!

I agree with tommar, just keep healthy food in the house and don't worry about it. He's nine. I am betting he will be fine once he hits his growth spurt.

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My SS's will eat their way through my kitchen if they could. I keep alot of Cheerios stocked. They will eat bowl after bowl of cereal right before dinner and then eat everything I cook. They leave the table full and happy and don't snack before bed.

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My youngest ate that way - and more. I always sent her with $$ to sleepovers so they could order an extra pie as she could eat one on her own. Chubby? Nope. Extremely active. Even now, she can go through two full entree orders if we go out (app, salad, dinner w/veg and starch, dessert) and be scouring the fridge when she gets home. 100% muscle. At school she eats in the dining hall, then cooks second dinner at her b/f's.