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Fun topic

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I need a distraction right now but don't have anything to complain about(at the moment LOL) so I thought maybe I could ask everyone to talk about what their "dream future" would be like? If you could write your future out any way you wanted what would happen?

For me...I would love to see skids go out into the world and be happy. I would love to start having a few vacations a year to our favorite place on earth. I would love us to be able to retire by the time we are 60...which could be possible if a few things can change between now and then. I want us to get our own new home.

How about all of you?

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Thanks for the fun topic!
Dream future is that DD, OSS, and YSS realize the value in good behavior and grades, and they all make straight A’s. They all get into their dream colleges and land their dream jobs. They all mature and treat people around them with respect (mainly talking about skids here, as DD has no issues with respect). They all live fulfilled financially independent lives.

Meanwhile, DH and I purchase our desired plot of land and build our dream house. We also get a bigger boat and split time between the two. We are fulfilled by peaking in our careers and through many many good times and adventures together.

We are finally able to have traditional holidays and fine times by ourselves and with our future adult children, because this is my dream future, and in it, skids BM and DD’s sperm donor have completely and mysteriously disappeared!

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My dream is that SD15 ends up having SKIDS of her own and they treat her the same way she treated me!!!

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My dream would be that The Ostrich would open that letter he's had on the table for days, and that it contains a cheque that meant he could retire from work, and we could go on that tour of Australia and New Zealand we've been promising ourselves. Then when we return the skids will have had job offers that mean they have to live further away and we can, after all this time have some peace together.

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My dream would be to win a large some of money so I could buy my own house and send by SS off to a private boarding school

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To win some money so that SO can put money aside now to pay for his DD until she's out of full time education. No good paying her BM the money up front as she'd just spend it on herself then come back for more as is her way.

Enough for us to kick our heels up & have a fab' time too!

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Dream future......

living on an island with SO as my personal slave, owning a yacht, drinking cocktails all day long, having tons of money and no children in our lives......visiting my ST friends.... but ladies hands off SO will only be my slave lol....

if I could turn back time, easy, I will disengage from day one, yes even if it's a 6 year old.... I will not buy property together if it use to be where he and his Ex wife lived with their Princess as a family, I might consider buying total different property together and no I will not help him get full custody.. EOWE would be more then enough for me. I will send my kid off to boarding school way earlier then age 15 Blum 3 Blum 3

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My dream is to sit in my garden at peace with the world, knowing that I am single.

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First, my dog would live forever and ever. And I'd have eight more just like him. And carpet that somehow cleans urine, vomit and feces on its own.

Then, we'd move out of the US to somewhere with more like-minded people and no humidity. Of course, I'll have to travel back to the US frequently because I'M STARRING ON BROADWAY!!!!!

And I have made so much freaking money on Broadway that I can rescue all the suffering animals around the world - I'm going to start with the camels at the pyramids and Romanian dogs because it killed me to see that.

And with the leftover money, I'm going to educate all the suffering women in the world, which is really good news for everyone on StepTalk!!!