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The first meeting.

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The first time I met Bm, I gave her a hug and welcomed her into the house, ha ha things are not like that now, I wonder would you tell me about the first meeting with Bm/Bd.

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BM#2 - It was at SS9's (7 at the time) Christmas party at school. She walked in, sat in the table where we were and ask how I was finding Norway. I was nice and replied politely. Then the presentation began and we didn't talk for a couple of hours. At the end of the night, she asked what we were doing next. DH (my bf at the time) said we were going to visit his parents. She said: "Meeting the parents already? This must be serious, and you both must be seriously crazy!" She laughed and walked away. The next few times she was super nice.

BM#1 - Called DH and told him that she had found out that he was married and wanted to meet his new wife (since her son lives with us). DH distracted her and put it off, but a couple of days later, when he was picking me up at the train station, she jumped into the car after me. She introduced herself and demanded a ride. I found it odd, but I went with it and was nice to her, asked her about her job (even though I knew she didn't have one), her children (even though I knew one of them had been taken by CPS), and her family (even though I knew her mom had just died). We gave her a ride and for a while I thought that she really didn't look AS BAD as DH and SS16 (her son) had described her. Boy was I wrong...

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I knew BM before I met my SO. I used to work with her sister, and BM came into the office when she was pregnant with SS who is now 15! When SO and I went on our first date (over 7 years ago), we were talking about general stuff and he mentioned something about his sister in law, and as the conversation went on we discovered that this was the woman I worked with! When I next met BM which was at SD's 7th birthday party, it felt quite odd, particularly as my ex-colleague (who I got on very well with) was there! It was all rather polite, but strange all the same. It also transpired we were both at the SIL's 40th birthday party, but with our respective spouses but obviously we didn't know each other then. Funnily enough, my SO knew my brother years before he met me as they used to play football together! Small world....

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Not sure you can call it a "meeting". She saw me with dh, attacked him, screamed at him, introduced herself (angrily) to me as his "wife" and basically had a meltdown. I'm sure her version is "I was just trying to be polite and they both raged at me and intimidated me"

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oh god. the first (and only!) time i have ever met or spoken to BM...we pulled up to her apartment and she was outside watching her other daughter (not my SO's kid) play. i got out of the car and introduced myself, said i'd heard nice things about her (i lied). i extended my hand for a handshake. she reached out to take my hand and got scared halfway i guess, because then she pulled it away with a half squeal/ half grunt. she said "HI." in the rudest voice ever, then proceeded to attempt to open the locked car door to get SS 3 (about 1 then) out. kept pulling on the handle all flustered, when clearly the door was locked. finally got the point, then screamed at my SO to open the door.

my SO and i had to pull over we were laughing so hard on the way home. after that, he took her to court and my name was ALL over her response documents...with ridiculous accusations that i am a drug addict etc. although this is the same response document in which she tried to claim spousal support from my SO, despite that SS was a result of a two-week fling, so maybe i shouldn't be surprised lol.

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DH, BM, and the 2 skids and I all met at an ice cream shop for our first "meet". She showed up with a mystery boyfriend (whom she had denied existed for weeks up to that point), completely ignored me, refused to shake my hand. She sat on the opposite end of the table and didn't even look at me. She spent the whole time trying to hug and kiss on the girls and rub it in my face that she was the mom. They practically ignored her, climbed into my lap immediately, and told me ALL about their week at school.

Keep in mind, this meeting was her idea and I went at HER request. And she has recently requested another "sit down". Forgive me if I'm not jumping at the opportunity :sick:

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Oh, they can never accept that we have actual friends. McCrazy is convinced that I have no friends, that I have low self-esteem, and that I am incredibly jealous of her. Yeh, I want to be fat, lazy, unemployed and bitter.

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First actual meeting... she came to pick up SS. He was napping. I told her she was welcome to come in and get him out of his bed. She did so, while telling me she would rather deal with me than DH. All I remember thinking was "you have WAY to many stretch marks to wear that shirt (that was more like a bikini top, and you are not 5 years old, overalls are not appropriate".

Then a few months later she hated my guts, then I was her best friend, then she hated my guts, then she loved me, hated my guts, loved me... you get it.

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The first time I met her was around Halloween and my boyfriend was making a costume for her 8 year old son (he played 'daddy' to for 5 years as his biodad was never around) and BM came over unexpectedly with her friend and the 8yr old to check it out. I was sitting on the couch and the 8yr old came right in and said hi to me (it was my first time meeting him too at that point) and asked who I was. Haha. At this point we'd been dating for a couple months but I'd never met his kids. Anyway then she came in and as all "Hiiiii how aree---- " then she saw me and gave him some look and changed her tone to more normal and less crazy sing-song. She started immediately on about the Halloween costume and then boyfriend introduced us, I got a curt "Oh, hi." and then she started talking to boyfriend again and ignoring me, then asked to take her friend upstairs to see the kids room. I kind of just watched as she walked upstairs and talked to the kid. Then they left. She would always ignore me after that, only recently (since we have custody of their son) has she been trying to be all nice and buddy-buddy with me. Ew.

The second BM I met, boyfriend had already told her about me (the first woman he had a child with, so they're way over and have a relatively decent relationship), so she came right in and introduced herself to me, started asking me about myself, etc. She was super nice and I thought it was great that we could get along. Well that changed lol. Once I moved in with my boyfriend she just now acts like I dont exist. She won't come in the house for drop-offs, she will sit outside and have a cigarette with my boyfriend and leave, never really acknowledges me. I dont know. Haha. The other day she came to pick up her son's Nintendo DS that he left here and boyfriend was at work, it was just me and the 2 year old here... she came in and started talking to the 2 year old, didn't say a word to me then went to leave. I told her not to forget the DS (as she was opening the door w/o it) and she looked at me like, "Well obviously" and snatched it from me. Bitch. Lol.

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I met her at SD's high school graduation. We were polite as any two random people probably would be.

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I get to meet BM for the first time at SS's birthday party next month. I am not looking forward to it. I may come down with some 24 hour bug right before hand...

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BM saw us at Walmart 2 years after we got together and followed us from the shampoo isle to the checkout yelling about how "she wished she had her other phone so she could show the messages he has been sending her trying to get her back", "she cant believe he left her for my trailer trash ass", and "how he has been telling her we have not been together because he wants her back". Once at the check out, she calmed down and started asking about Easter plans. The whole time FDH is saying "go away. leave me alone". I was too shocked by anything to say much. I got outside and started laughing my ass off. She made herself look so pathetic and nuts. I found out months later she had called a friend and told her how embarrassed she was and how she made an ass outta herself. muahahahahahahahaha. I didnt even have to do anything.

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I haven't met her yet. I'm hoping she hates me and will keep their kids away from him. Smile

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I think that we should rejoice in how much we bother the crazy cows lol :jawdrop:

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The first time we met was at her house. DH had arranged it with her say-so. She had a BF at the time (he wasn't there). We came in the house and she started screaming, "20 years, DH, 20 years!" She got in her car and drove off like a crazy woman. SD18 at the time was there and she screamed at her dad about his "slut GF."

I stood there and watched the show. DH was impressed with my cool. I just don't scream obscenities at people, what can I say? LOL.