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First Day of School

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Today's is the skids' first day of school. SD5 is going into Kindergarden and is extremely excited. DH drove down there to see them off to their first day; he met them at the front door to the school.

As soon as SD5 saw him she came running up to him crying. He picked her up and asked what was wrong. She said, "Mommy said you weren't going to come and I thought you were going to miss it!"

She pulled herself together and walked hand in hand with DH to her classroom. Didn't even want to say goodbye to her mom; she was so distracted with renewed excitement by the time she got to her classroom.

Who DOES that to their own kid? DH just talked to the girls last night and promised he'd be there today.

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A PASing BM....I have never understood trying to hurt a child like that or trashing the other parent...

Last year we met BM at the school with SS (he was in our possession) and BM proceeded to tell me in front of everyone including SS that she called the cops on DH the night before because he had text her to ask about something for the school I can't remember what exactly - I think it was about school supplies because we had bought extra and didn't know if she'd got all her half (never will we help with school supplies again) and she didn't respond so at like midnight he sent like 3 text asking why she wouldn't answer him and that she wished they would have been able to do something. SS then asked DH if he was in trouble and DH said no and completely changed the subject it never came up again, but seriously on the kid's first day of school you are going to play the victim and try to make DH sound like the bad guy.

This year SS knew DH wouldn't be there due to work and I think he called him last night on the satt phone to tell him to have a good day, and I could this morning to confirm what he wanted for lunch and to tell him to have a good day and that his daddy missed him - so that BM couldn't try to turn it around on us not wanting to be involved in the morning part as well.

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DH is always pretty realistic with his kids when it comes to big events. When he says he'll be there, he's always there. When he can't be there, he's sure to let them know and sends encouragement in other ways (last year he sent cards and little "back to school" gift bags because they were living out of state).

I don't know what else he can do to combat the PASing other than what he is doing .. just following through on his promises and making himself very present in the girls' lives.

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Yea...that's why I called this morning am taking SS lunch.

All they can really do is truly follow through with what they say. It sucks combating PAS.

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He showed up and she's happy. That's all that really matters. He continues showing his love and everything else BM does will fade.
BM is jealous that they have such a good relationship and she wants to ruin it. She can't stand seeing him happy and is using their child because she's a selfish and immature bitch.

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I don't think she meant BM will stop with the antics, more that if DH keeps being a good dad and all of that, it won't matter what BM does.

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Yeah I don't ever expect BM to stop. She has orders to our area that last 4 years. Once that's up, I fully expect her to try to move kids as far away from DH as possible.

She likes living further away .. it helps her control how much access DH has to his kids.

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From what I understand, he just reminded SD5 that he spoke to her last night and promised her he'd be there. He told her that he always keeps his promises so if he says he'll be there, he'll be there. She just nodded and agreed, said she loved him and then he redirected the convo, asking her if she was excited, etc.

BM was standing right there, so telling SD that BM lied or something along the lines you stated would have caused a huge scene .. BM would never just witness him saying something like that and not step in.

It's such a hard balance to correct the lies/mistruths that come from BM without engaging in borderline PAS ourselves.