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Finally had the talk with SD

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Last night we called a family meeting; which SD13 was 30 minutes late for (actually got grounded for) Dad finally told her that enought is enough; he is on my side not hers; We are sick of her "running the show/our house." She has rules and that HE will enforce them. She sat their with a look of complete bitchness the whole time. Who do they think they are. We shall see if this stays put; I told dad it was up to HIM to follow through with her not me and that when he says something he better stick to it cause shes laughing in his face.

Any of you have LUCK with these family conversations...

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I agree with you - I am NOT expecting anything to change; I just don't want her to talk to me like a piece of sh*... Or basically think she can tell me what's going on; it's rude.......As for being her "friend" that will never happen. I know dad thinks everything will be lovely; poor guy..... Thanks!!

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Never worked for us. Tried a few times. SD had a terrible attitude that infiltrated the whole house... Good luck.

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Sorry to share more bad news, but it hasnt worked for us either!! In fact now I find myself even more resentful (I didnt think it was possible) since we clearly explained what we expect and she STILL does what she wants!!!

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"In fact now I find myself even more resentful (I didnt think it was possible) since we clearly explained what we expect and she STILL does what she wants!!!"

EXACTLY what I felt, only I realized this was DAD's FAULT, NOT SK's, so I placed the blame (and resentment) where it belonged!

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If only I could remain so calm and pleasant!! Do you think if you could do it all over again that you could pull it off? That would be awesome!!

I really like your scenario change!! That is perfect!! I have dreams of SS being an adult and me not having to deal with him any longer!! I would never visit him and hopefully he would never want to come to our home otherwise I would have to throw his disrespecting a$$ out!! }:)

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Great advice; thank you all!! I know my anger should be on DAD - he is very lazy, poor at follow through; he checks up on MY FBook more than his own 13yrolds!! and he should!! She is tagged hoe, slut....... It is exhausting and my attitude has changed so much; I never smile and my friends and family are noticing how withdrawn I have become. I am overwhelmed with all of this; even my BK are asking when she is leaving so things can go back to normal.

Is my only option to take them and go and be happy??

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It's only fair to put people on notice when rules or enforcement of rules change. That being done it'll be interesting to hear if Dad follows through. It won't take long for the kid to push him so let us know by adding to this Thread.

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This is where your DH has to step up and man up - a family meeting will only work if DH sticks to his guns - if he falters it is over. We had family meetings with SS and they did work but only because DH and I enforced the rules and there were consequences to any actions that broke any rules. So if you put out the rules you better enforce them. Good luck.