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Father’s Day funnies - Add yours!

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I’ll start...

I walked in from work to find Father’s Day cards lined-up on our dining room hutch. One in particular stood out to me, because it looks like it’s from a toddler. A kindergartener at best.

The most infantile, gushy of gushiness “For my Daddy,” card with a baby bear and daddy bear on the front, and a novel on the inside from skid. So contradictory to last summer and all that that entailed.

All the eye rolls. It took everything in me to not loudly cackle. 

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She’s the original “Daddy’s Girl” and “baby,” dontcha know?

I foresee these kinds of childish cards from skid well into adulthood. 


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Well my DH got nothing from his daughter. She hastily drew a picture for him before he dropped her off since I guess everyone they saw said “Happy Father’s Day” and she finally felt guilty.  She’s 12. She did say “I’m spending the day with you. Isn’t that enough. Aren’t I enough?” Barf. 

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Hey I sure can relate with you... My boyfriend as usual received no gifts no cards from any of his  three kids... he has a 23 year old son... a 21 year old daughter and his daughter is almost 12 years old. He did get one text from his 21 year old daughter that just said Happy Fathers Day love you. That made my SO happy but his 12 year old hurt him by her actions... no text nothing. His three kids took their mom out for fathers day and plastered photos on instagram and Facebook. His ex has done this for 4 years now so we are use to it. His oldest son disowned him 6 months after the divorce. His kids buy their mother very exspensive gifts and his daughter brags all the time about the gifts they buy her. MAKES ME SICK! This guy is a great guy still buys all of his kids gifts. His kids have never bought their father not one thing no cards nothing in the almost four years I have been in his life.  Sad.. Today he did get a text from the 12 year old saying Happy Fathers Day... of course my SO is all happy because he heard from her yes late but he heard from her. On Fathers Day he was all depressed... His kids are a reflection of their mean spoiled mother... I can't stand them... 

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Maybe this year she's journaling inside of greeting cards.  A new suggestion from her therapist, perhaps?

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My kid texted me an HFD message.  He is in Germany and was out in the countryside with friends all day on Sunday.  He gave me a text when he got back to his apartment.  We talk regularly... so... I will get the call in a day or two.

I called my dad and we spoke for about an hour.   Mom made one of his favorite meals.  Leg of Lamb with all of the accoutremants.

DW and I had a great weekend.  Visited with friends, went out to dinner, did some house projects and pretty much just crushed on each other.

It was  great FD for me.

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Nothing at all from SD not even an angry or passive aggressive IG post. I was surprised because something must have happened. BM who never really had a relationship with her dad who is gone now posted twice.

First post about how fathers day can be a tough day for people who don't have a good relationship with their father and ending with her pitching self care and telling people to pamper themselves and buy some of her diy skin care products.

Second post was a public service announcement to not guilt people who have a toxic relationship with their parents to forgive them and that the victimizer is not entitled to forgiveness.

Wish I knew what happened but it seems we have someone on our side.

Had a great day making breakfast(homemade cinnamon rolls) for SO and going to his dad's for dinner so no complaints here.

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oh lets see......we were all on vacation for a week. On our last night BM calls SD16 rip roaring drunk and tells her she is taking skids on vacation the moment we get home which is over father's day. SD16 says she doesn't want to go....she was supposed to start her summer job. BM yells at SD "F*ck* your stupid job....tell them your mother said you have plans. SD16 spent the last night of our vacation crying.........not a word from skids on father's day while they were on "vacation" with BM.

Pretty much every time we go anywhere.....BM takes skids somewhere the following day.

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oh I've been hoping for a post like this! There are several people whose Father's Days I want to hear all about!! 

My SKs showed up, as in previous years, several hours later than I'd asked them to come, with a card they'd bought on the way here and an unwrapped present, also bought on the way here. I sat on my patio and watched them as they laboriously unloaded the car and then, leaning on the car hood, messily signed the card. It took forever. 

I've decided it was dumb to celebrate Father's Day by inviting the SKs over here for dinner. It's just work for me, and a day of sitting around waiting, for DH. Next year the SKs can take the initiative and plan something for their dad themselves.