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Ex takes kids away fro the weekend.

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Hi so my boyfreinds ex took his kids away with her boyfreind and her ex sister in law to a cabin fishing on fathers day weeked. She didnt tell him anything about going away. His kids didnt even call him all day long. He is very hurt that she would go away with her boyfriend and his sister. She still keeps in touch with his sister . It was a sad day, as it really really hurt him. Why would she do that ? 


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no nothing court ordered,, it was just the point that she didnt tell him that the kids are going away and didnt even call him is all.. he was just hurt.. 

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I wouldn't expect the mom to tell him that they had plans that weekend.  Did he try to make plans for the weekend with them?  He needs to be a little proactive here.

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What I find odd is that your BF has so little contact with his kids that he doesn't realize what's up in their lives.  one of them is 14 right?  wouldn't he have been old enough to tell dad?  If there is no set order.. I would have thought your BF would have told his EX he wanted the kids for father's day too... otherwise, I think it is fine for their mom to do whatever she wants on "her time"... it really isn't her job to make sure they contact their dad on father's day... it would be nice.. but I don't think you need to expect it.

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I agree with you .. he has very little to do with the kids when there not with us every other weekend, he is kept in the dark , he called the 14 year old or texts him sometimes he anwsers sometimes he doesnt. the 14 year old should take it upon him self to call his father , anf then he could put the 7 yaer old on the line . It was just the first time ever he has not recived a call .  we wanted to grab the kids sunday morning  but we were not aware that they were out of town. 

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"Grabbing the kids" Sunday morning is something that should have been communicated between all parties and discussed ahead of time, not last minute. Poor planning on your DH part. 

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Without a CO, there is no violation and nothing your  BF can do about his X's manipulative crap other than just not returning his kid to their BM.  Which without a CO, he can do.  He is the dad. No CO, he can keep his kid(s).

He needs to get to court to get a CO.  The CO is the absolute best tool for managing the toxic blended family opposition.

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If there isn't a CO saying he gets them for Father's Day, he can't really get his feelings hurt. If it actually means that much to him, he needs to lawyer up. If not, he needs to put his big boy pants on and realize no one is going to foster HIS relationship with his kids EXCEPT him. It takes effort. 


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Get a court order. Oh and before it is signed ask for a paternity test. How does he know the kids are really his? Does she get child support from your husband?


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they are his for sure, she cant carry so they used his sprem and her eggs and her sister carried the younger one, the older one was concived the same way 14 ywears but his ex managed to carry that one. as of child support we have the health care for the kids and buy them what they need, and take care of there allowence ,she doesnt want anything from him as there income is way higher then ours, she alone brings in 130,000 a year and her parner 3 times that . we are in the low 80,000 combined. 

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I will never understand not getting a CO. Even parents that Co-parent well have CO's they protect both parties and gives everyone structure. It eliminates things like this from happening because you are all on the same page. He needs to file for custody. He doesn't have to get a lawyer, but he needs to do it.