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Ex refuses to pay

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My h's ex has refused to pay medical bills for my SD but when she presents a bill she requests payment asap. We are going to court in December and we are not sure if we should bring this bill up to her again or take it to court showing she is in contempt. Any suggestions on how we should handle this?

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Your situation sounds all too familiar to me, so I can sympathize with you. I'm sure you have asked what seems like a million times, but maybe you should ask just 1 last time before you go to court & if she still does not pay, then bring it to court as a contempt. I wonder how SHE would like it if you dragged your feet on paying a bill she needed money for? It truly is a shame that ex's make simple situations so difficult. I hope she just had a small case of amnesia, but will remember to pay the bill once you bring it to her attention again. Good luck!!!

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and make it a motion. You're there so use your lawyer to the fullest so you don't kick yourself later. Because right now she's probably on her high horse and not gonna pay. Thinking she's "safe" behind her lawyer! Make sure any issues you have now get brought up and put in a motion, you can have those drafted anytime and added to the december court date! Then negotiate them or not when you go to court. (More money, of course but you've already paid your retainement fee for your lawyer)

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Allow the courts to enforce the order and hold her in contempt. I'm so sick of bio-moms getting away with not being financially responsible for their children.

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if you don't make a motion for this to be addressed, how about hanging on to it until she submits a receipt to you for payment, then deduct it off what she owes you???!! If the receipt she gives you doesn't cover the cost, keep doing it until it is paid. She'll get the drift eventually. If you do it this way, make sure on your check your write for ex: $50 for my portion of extra curricular soccer - $25 owed from receipt of May 20/07. My portion $25 paid in full.

That's what we have done before. That way it doesn't seem like you are bringing something up that only happens once in awhile. We found that the simipler you keep your court date, the better.