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Evil Stepmonster

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FDH and FSD are home together today as he is off work and she is on spring break. They were planning a father-daughter beach day and were boasting about it for days. Well its raining...and secretly I smile inside. Mwahahaha. I'm feeling evil today!!! I'm really just jealous. FDH wouldn't go to the beach with me last Sunday, but he sure as shit jumps when his darling little princess wanted to go to the beach!!!!!

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I guess I must be evil too b/c I smiled to myself while reading your post and thought.... hahahahaha, retribution IS awesome! }:)

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Too familiar. Never does DH do squat w/me (even a day trip to the beach) but if swins mention something he's warming up the car for 20 minutes all ready to go. One of the most hurtful things about being a SM if you ask me. DH's refusal to do w/me but jump to do w/SS & expect me to join in & pay 1/2.

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I've been asking DH to go to the beach with me, we'd have to drive several hours, for 9 years now and he won't but every summer he buys a three month membership to Hurricaine Harbor and Six Flags for he and SD15. I'm never invited.