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Even when we have a great Christmas together, the SpermClan stench wafts in.

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Even though we are into our second decade of post CO blended family life.

Nothing horrendous. Just irritating that those shit stains have any influence at all.

SS made it for Christmas though a day late due to the Polar Vortex.

We truly did have an amazing '3 Musketeers' Christmas. Our firt together in 4yrs.

So... how did the SpermClan seep in... one may ask?

The evening before our son flew out, he asked me not to post anything about his visit on FB because the SpermGrandHag and SpermClan Aunt stalk my FB and will bug him about why he did not go on to SpermLand for part of the Holiday since he was back in the US and visiting his mom and I.

The long wished for meteor strike on a SpermClan reunion has not happened yet. I certainly cannot happen soon enough by my estimation. If my son is not presentof course. It is highly unlikely that he would be.

I sighed and did not say anything.  He replied to my sigh with "I know dad, none of them have very tried to visit me. Ever. You and mom visit me anytime you can.  You won't even let me pay for my plane tickets to come visit you and I am 30yo.  I don't even need or want your money.  They have never offered to pay for tickets even when they are bugging me to visit.'

I gave him a  hug.

Oh how I detest those people. 

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No matter how old any of us get, and sometimes it even goes beyond the grave.  Even when you disengage the wafting stink still floats around the house on occasion. 

It hits its second wave of strength when grandskids come along. It's like re-living all the b.s. all over again. Only it's more complicated because then you have the skid's in-law family thrown into the mix as well as the skid's BM/BF. Dysfunction upon dysfunction.

Then, when you think it can't get worse, you find out the latest gskid has been named after the lying, cheating BM! 

Ask me how I know... sigh.  



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So many people think that "once the kids turn 18 you don't have to worry about the other family". No, I KNOW that's not true. It doesn't matter how old the kids get, their other family still exsist.You want to post joyous events on YOUR facebook, but you can't, you STILL have to run parts of your life a certain way, because THEY exsist.

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Even more than 10 years after the SKid has aged out from u der tha CO and has little contact and little to do with the shallow and polluted end of their gene pool.

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I would despise the Spermclan too.  But, I think it is absolutely wonderful you have such a great relationship with your SS and look at how well you and your bride raised this young man.  All I can say is WOW.  Smile

It sucks though, that the stench of Spermclan is never too far away. 

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He is a wonderful man.  Not surprising considering how amazing his mother is.

I am just happy that I did not screw him up too badly.

As proud of him as I am, that they have any place in his world or this world at all is nauseating and sad to me.