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Is this even possible?!

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So there is this bio mom who is on my Facebook who I'm thinking may be a huge liar.

So this bio mom posts on Facebook some sob story where she claims the bio father(whom she says is a deadbeat and doesn't pay child support) was able to get a restraining order against her without her knowledge, was able to get custody of the child without her knowledge and then was able to move out of the state and legally change the child's name.

This bio mom ended up setting up a gofundme account to collect money to help pay for a lawyer to fight all this. She ended up getting almost $2000 but was unable to win custody back. We live in a very pro bio mom state so I have a hard time believing a.) he got a restraining order against her with out her knowledge, b.) he was able to get custody when she claims he's been a deadbeat, c.) he was able to move out of the state shortly after all this and then d.) legally change her name without the mothers consent.

She claims this guy had a JAG lawyer and a crooked judge. But I find it hard that any judge would find it in any child's best interest to just uproot a child like that, especially if the mom isn't a drug addict or felon.

Now I have noticed that this bio mom has been going out every single night, she has been constantly posting lovey dovey posts about her new boyfriend and just overall not acting like a woman who just had her life ripped from her.

How is this even possible? She is no where near being a druggie and seems to generally have her life on track. Part of me thinks she willingly have up custody and made up some sob story to get attention and money. Who knows?!

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While a RO & custody can be decided on an emergency basis, there is still a hearing afterward. Not to mention, I've never heard of there being an emergency hearing for moving, in fact, BM moved without permission & the court would not hear it on an emergency basis. It took 8 months to get to court & That was fast tracked.

She's lying. My guess she never even had primary custody.

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Sounds like BS to me. While SOME things could (possibly) be true, others are ridiculous. You can (at least in the state where I live) get an RO without the other person present in court. You can obtain custody even if you haven't paid child support IF AND ONLY IF the other parent is legally unfit. You can move out of state unless a court order specifically prohibits it. You CANNOT get custody without the judge hearing from both people (other than "emergency" as someone else said), you can't legally change a child's name without the consent of both parents (regardless of who has custody), and a JAG wouldn't be used in civilian court.

I think she's probably taking something with a shred of truth and twisting it to suit her. Poor Bio Dad and poor kids!