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Elaborate? Do birds and other various other animals have "steps and ex-wives?"

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I'm curious. I know that when birds mate that they have one nest, not two...and that there is a "mom and dad" with chicks and daddy bird is watching out for his own,(not some ex-bird-mate) etc. while both go back and forth, taking turns and feeding the chicks, which in turn eventually grow up and leave the nest.
Do they keep coming and going from the nest after they learn to fly? Are there "other" birds that feel free to come and go when they wish to that nest? You get my point here. I have been looking at all of this "step" situation crap and have ruled it completely unnatural.

Are there stepfamilies in the wild at all? I do not think that because we are "humans" that we are exempt to the laws of nature. This is what we fight on a daily basis.

(not sure on primates though) LOL I thought we could all use a laugh today so I volunteered, of course.

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LOL that is funny and also makes you think at the same time. I grew up in a traditional family and the stepfamilies i knew were few and far between and pretty much the only info I had regarding step families until I met FH was cinderalla :-o so this whole step thing to me does seem unnatural although i know that more and more it's becomign common. There's an interesting article in the current Psychology Today talks about humans ignoring their natural instincts of who their ideal mates are ... maybe they're onto something there!