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Dr Phil show on the mini wife issue

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It made a lot of sense...

When SM was asked what is the biggest problem between you and SD11:
"She sees me as her equal not as an adult/mother figure in her life...when DH and I went to Hawaii a couple months ago she asked him when he got back since, "Since you took SM to Hawaii when are you taking me?" How can you have any type of mother/daughter relationship when SD sees you as a rival?"

Dr Phil said the reasons this has happened was:
-DH has made a "companion" of his daughter and she sees the SM as an intuder
-No boundaries
-No rules
-SD is spoiled and never told "NO"

Wow I felt like that was my story right there on the TV!

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" How can you have any type of mother/daughter relationship when SD sees you as a rival?"" I didn't see this but I hope what Dr. Phil would help them aim for is peaceful coexistence and for SD to be a kid. I think it is great when kids have close relationships/time with just their parents- they need that. But Dad also has to make sure SM is included in family events, that his kids treat her respectfully, and to help the minor kids AND sm cope with any negative feelings they may have about the situation.

Hopefully what this SM, her DH and SD will realize is that SD doesn't have to have a mother/daughter relationship with her but she must be polite and respectful to SM.

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I watched it this morning..I think the name was "yours, mine and ours" but not sure if that name is exactly right.

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Wow this is my life!! I am going to see if I can find that episode to watch with DH!

SD5 has huge mini-wife issues. I don't see her as competition because I don't think the relationship between a husband and wife can even be compared with a parent/child relationship.. they aren't the same.. or at least they shouldn't be.

But yes.. she is very spoiled.. never heard the word "no".. she pretty much runs the show.

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That's what happened with my sd14 when she was younger and lived with my husband after him and his ex split up. He took her everywhere and never said no to anything. Now, years later, she's lived with her mother for over 5 years now, he still has to lie to her sometimes if we do ANYTHING without her. It's complete crap. Even if there's no way she could've gone with us he still feels the need to lie. What you can't say "no you can't go" ever? So stupid. Now she acts so entitled sometimes. Everything is "not fair" in her eyes. Ridiculous.