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Don't want to do his laundry

Luna1234567's picture my stepson is only 6 years old but in the summer he started having some really bad BO....when he sweats , he stinks like a man.
I tried putting baby powder on his underarm area after a bath but it was absoluteley no use....I mean you can smell the kid just when he walks past you. I think it's not normal for his age but whatever. Anyway....since neither one of his parents did anything about it I decided to get him some deodorant and I showed him how to use it but he doesn't use it most of the time and neither one of his parents are insisting so most of his shirts in the hamper stink really bad. So I was going to do the laundry the other day and I noticed that most of his underwear had some poop on them...he obviously doesn't wipe himself well.....I'm so grossed out and I refuse to wash his clothes with a matter of fact I don't even want to wash his poop stained underwear at all....I mean I'm sorry he's not my kid and that shouldn't be my job to do because it just grosses me out. I didn't wash his underwear...and they've been piling up in the hamper...and I notice that my husband hasn't washed them either :? :? ...I mean I don't get he waiting for me to do it? Should I say something about it?
Will I sound like a B**** if I say something.
I mean the kid has become so dirty...I really don't even like when he touches me...he never washes his hands and always smells funny he puts his hands in has pants...walks around with his bare feet out in the balcony and all over the apartment...and NEVER washes his hands no matter how much I tell him to...even when he goes to the bathroom.....and the other day he sat on the couch and put his feet up on me...I was so grossed out and it was just a natural reaction I sort of pushed his feet and told him to move them but my husband seemed offended, he was like "So why are you freaking out about his feet touching you."

The last few times he's been over I've found myself walking around spraying everything he touches with all purpose cleaner.
I just can't tolerate having bacteria all over the house...I mean he does number 2 in the bathroom, wipes himself(not very well) and than refuses to wash his darn hands and goes all over the place touching everything...I'm so sick of it...I'm gonna have a baby anyday now and can't have these germs all over my home.
Why are some kids so darn dirty...I it the parents fault?
Are your step kids dirty too???? and what do you do?????????!!!!!!!!! I hate being a step mom...... I wish I can turn back time...because the older he gets...the worse my life becomes.

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Ugh. :O
My skids were pretty dirty, too. After 4 years or intensive re-hab, they are a little bit better!

I spray lysol on door knobs and light switches like it's going out of style.

Fot the sake of your baby-in-waiting, you need to get you SO on board here, or your baby's health is at risk!