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Does this happen to anyone else?

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I was in my front yard yesterday with my 2 bio children, relaxing with my coffee and Kendal Fire while they play, and all of a sudden I see a silver Toyota hatchback driving down our street..I could see a woman with dark hair driving, and a woman with blonde hair in the passenger they passed my house, the woman driving covers her face..and I realized it was BM! Her friend in the passenger seat was STARING at me. We haven't seen BM since she tried to sue us for custody back, almost 2 years ago..and now all of a sudden there she is, driving by my house stalking me in a different car than she used to have. The car went down our street, and then took a left out of the neighborhood and off my street. I am wondering why she would be driving by randomly like that. She has recently gotten her second DWI and evicted from her rent I don't think she's supposed to be driving. I'm wondering if her parents are about to help her sue us again, so they can all try to see and talk to SS17..bc months ago SS17 texted BM's parents and told them all to quit calling, and sending gifts to our home..they were doing it so much it felt like harassment. ..and that he doesn't want to talk to any of them anymore. I'm wondering what BM's motives are driving by my house.. 

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Geez, is she 16, or what?  I mean, if you're gonna do it, just do it, why cover your face and look so obvious? Why bring a friend?

I know that BM drove by our house, shortly after we bought it (years ago), out of pure nosiness. We didn't see her, SD told DH (she was with BM when she did it).

Who knows why these crazy women do what they do.

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Yeah she's 36 and acts like she's in high school. All she does is party and has everyone else watch her kids. She also has 2 girls with her second ex husband. She gave up custodial custody of them. She sued us a few months after we bought our first house. She lost though. 

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BM rides by our house on her motorcycle on occasion. Her and her husband have a friend not to far from our house. We only found that out because their friend lives across the street from SO's friend and SS15 cuts his lawn and BM and like 15 bikers rolled up to their friends house one day while SS15 was cutting SO's friend's yard. Awkward 5 minutes for SO. 

One day SO and I were outside relaxing and BM, her husband, and someone else went by. Like really, there is another route you can go. Plus, you rarely see your kids but you're morally ok with riding by on your 25k dollar motorcycle. Great parenting there LOL. 

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Lol that sounds ridiculous. ..Yeah she has no reason to be on our street, since it's not a main road.   

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I don't know if it's different where you are,  but here, (UK) no one would bother trying to go through legal channels to get custody of a 17 yr old.  They are independent adults at 18, so what's the point? 

Your BM sounds a sad woman if driving by is how she gets her kicks. I wouldn't worry about it unless she tries something else. 

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She hates me and wants control. She's a really crazy and unhappy person. She is also diagnosed as morbidly depressed Bipolar and ADHD. SS17 is diagnosed Highly Functioning Autism and probably Bipolar too. I would gladly give her son back bc he's a liar and crazy, but she just wants child support money..and she isn't getting a penny from my Husband. She left SS alone in a hotel room and all kinds of things. She also went missing for 5 hours on her honeymoon cruise with her second husband..who is now her second ex husband..when he found her finally..She was with another man in his room! She's truly a terrible person. 

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Do you live on a quiet side street?  BM lives on a busy main road and we drive by there all the time on the way to other places. We also live on a busy road, but it would be odd for her to be on our street, since it doesn't lead to places she'd probably be visiting - but then again, I wouldn't even notice if she drove by.

Anyway, the court can't force SS17 to speak to BM or her family.

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Yes we live on a quiet side street she was only on my street to drive by our house. She lives in apartments by a busy highway, about 10 minutes from our house. So she had no reason to even be in our neighborhood. Yeah our lawyer and judge said he doesn't have to talk to her or see her anymors, unless he wants to, and HE has to be the one who initiates contact with her. She is only allowed to send gifts to our house. ..but she dropped one off on our front porch on his birthday right after she sued us, and sent a group text to me and my Husband asking to make sure we give him the gift. Our lawyer said she's not supposed to be near us or our house, unless SS initiates contact. She didn't send him a bday gift last year, so that one gift was all a show. She's never gotten him any clothes for school. Hopefully she doesn't have anything up her sleeve, bc she shouldn't be driving by our house at all.

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I can if she keeps driving by a lot or starts trying to come around me like she used to..She parked right next to me at a grocery store and went in and shopped with her 2 daughters. Her daughter said look it's "my name" and BM started screaming at them to stop and she tried to hide from me. i finished grocery shopping and was shocked to see that she parked by me. ..She started stalking me the second she found out I was dating her ex husband..who is My Husband now, and we've been together for about 15 years now. She started blowing up his phone asking about me, and then started circling around us in the college parking lot until I would meet her. (Psycho) She also found out I worked at a gym, and then she started working out there, and then later tried to get a job there..but I didn't let that happen bc she was just trying to harass me. 

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It was part of her game when she was trying to get DH back. She is bipolar and a very sick person.  When DH and I were on the porch she even stopped and talked to our nextdoor neighbor.  She used to live here when her and DH were together for a short time.  The neighbors shared on many occasions that they can not stand her and the night she stopped they said they knew why she did.  

She was caught going by here a few years ago blaring her music with the windows down like she was 17 and she actually was yelling things.  We could not understand her but heard my name.  We were caught off guard.  

Jealous.. she is either fishing for information or stalking you!!

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Yes it's like they fakely try to make friends with everyone to make us look mean and crazy..but those "friends" have no clue about who she really is! ..until they are around her long enough. 

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Texas...what she is doing is looking for minions. IF you can physically---MOVE away from her as in sell your house.


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We are trying to move to Montana one day actually lol. It's only 26 hours away from Texas. Haha 

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Ours would sit in her car, down the block.. She would park it that when WE walked out of the house we could see the front end..

THAT is just one example of her tormenting us. She also managed to sleep at someones house in our neighbood. I have NO idea how that happend, but it did. Talk about stalking?

There are many other things. Very scary stuff.  BUT the kicker is we heard she did and 'does' stuff like this in the past with other relationships. It's what she is used do doing. Some people are not well.



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According to our court papers, we had to let her know where we live unfortunately..when he's 18 the contract is over though. 7 more months! 

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We have never lived nearer than 1200 miles from the SpermClan so them showing up or cruising past our home was not even a remote possibility.   Since SpermLand is also where my IL clan resides we have done a few pick up and drop off trasfers of the Skid over he decades.  Most recently was two years ago when SS flew in to our home then traveled with us for my FILs funeral.  We dropped SS off for an afternoon with his fellow Spermidiot spawned half sibs at SpermGrandHags.  Most often when we have done a pick up or drop off at SpermGrandHag's she invites us in.  I have been in her home only once and was for a pick up when SS was about 8yo or so.

They know better than to set foot on our property.  My FIL set the standard for keeping the spermidiot off of the family farm by putting a couple of well placed rounds near the Spermidiot's feet when he stepped on their mile long driveway after my future DW had kicked him out for cheating. After that, the Spermidiot stayed across the road to pick up or drop off SS before DW left the state for university when SS was 14mos old.

In Texas.... people are extremely careful about entering the property of others without.  Particularly if there is any tension or history in play.

My XW used to cruise by the house after she had moved out.  I immediately re-keyed the locks within an hour or two of her leaving.  I never gave her a key after that.  She had to make appointments to come to the house after she and my XFIL drove off with his truck and a trailer full of her shit.   

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Yes if you live in the country in Texas..but we live in a neighborhood..We will move one day..working on trying to move to Montana.

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SS told us stories of events on SpermLand visitation where SpermGrandHag would load up SS and his three younger SpermDad spawned half sibs, drive over to the Spermidiot's house (SGH's rental property that the Spermidiot lived in rent free), where she parked down the street, then the kids would sneak into the back yard of the house while SpermGrandHag would pound on the front door then let herself in.  Spermidiot and whatever GF he was with at the time would sneak out of the a back window where his kids were waiting.  They would start calling for "Gramma!".  SpermGrandHag would come out the back door and start shrieking at her idiot son harping on him to not have women in her rental house since that home was her GK's home and not his.   

Pretty typical of the kind of shallow and polluted gene pool shit that my SS's SpermClan precipitates.

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Ugh it sucks having BM's whole family in your business. Finally SS17 told them all to quit calling and sending gifts bc they wouldn't stop harassing us. ..but I'm wondering why BM drove by my house the other day..makes me wonder if they are all planning to attack before he turns 18 somehow as revenge against us. 

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I just have so much anger built up and wish I never met BM and SS. They brought out the worst in me. ..I just found out that BM went out on someone's boat with a bunch of people for a Trump boat parade..the guy that owns the boat also owns an insurance business with his Dad..and they gave BM a job a while back(bc she's a felon), but she no longer works there..but she uses this guy for his money, pool, boat, house, etc. Well he got mad at everyone he invited bc none of them helped clean up afterwards, and they all left him and went out to eat and partied without inviting him .. So he felt used. Well BM's Dad commented on his Facebook about it and asked "what happened?" . .bc BM's Dad is sneaky and knows she's no good, but he always fends for her no matter what she does wrong. He's an ex cop and also had his cop friend spying on my Facebook. It's like they all are up in my business and BM is the trashy problem, not me. They also leach onto people that own businesses and well.. have $$. They are losers. I can't wait until SS and all of them are finally out of my life for good.